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Default Strange TMI Question...

Okay it isn't that strange of a TMI question (you guys remember the TMI thread, right?!)....

I've read some pretty funny stories about as some of us have lost weight they've had issues with their underwear. One person even posted that they were going for a jog and their underwear kept coming down...

has anyone has the OPPOSITE problem with their underwear giving them a constant wedgie?!

Seriously? I haven't bought newly sized underwear, this isn't even NEW underwear but at this point I might as well go commando because I feel like I'm picking it out of my a$$ every 5 minutes.

Anyone else?!

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Let's do this!
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Yes. I actually can no longer wear thongs (except when certain pants require it). It's not something I prefer to devote a lot of thought to, but I did notice it when I lost weight.

In other words, I had to buy all new undies and don't really care about why I had to buy new undies.
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I have to buy new panties, it's a pain. But I have the opposite problem, mine are always falling off my butt. When I go to work out I have to pull them up to the point that they are at the waistline of my pants otherwise they won't stay in place. lol
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The back of my underpants always seems to go up too high, so I have to wear long shirts just in case my lower back is exposed. If I buy smaller underwear that don't go up so high, I end up with a wedgie too. I can't win. <_<
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I wear a thong when I work out, but it's small enough so I don't really feel anything. But my shorts! Whenever I start running, they climb up and up and up and up... I have to tug them down again and again. It's so annoying! And they do indeed give me an unbearable wedgie.
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Id rather go commando lol
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Losing the baby weight
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I actually took a 'Do you know your vagina' test today, and one of the answers to one of the questions was that gyno's recommend going commando over wearing underwear. Unless you wear something that chafes :s

I have both problems, half the time it's giving me a wedgie and half the time it's falling off my butt because I really don't have a butt to hold it up. I hate walking around and I can feel my underwear WAYYYY down and I can't fix it because others are around.

But I do get the wedgies too, I don't understand it. I think I have to buy some new panties.. I was thinking boyshort style would be best for both situations.
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Sometimes I go commando... if there isn't any clean panties around. I am sure I am not the only one that does this. I hope. But yeah, some of my panties give me AWFUL wedgies... I think I need a new size but I also and not sure what size I am. I just don't get panty sizes. Too confusing.
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Well I have an underwear problem as well. Mine tend to roll down (from the top lol) I originally thought it might be that they were too small but even the bigger size ones do it! It drives me insane!! lol
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In the past couple years, I've probably spent more money on underwear than on shoes. I keep trying to find a style that fits properly.

My most recent issue was with the elastic cutting into my skin. At the waist it wasn't so bad, but I was getting cuts and even infections in the leg crease where the elastic was rubbing.

So I swithced to boycut underwear (no leg elastic, sort of boxer style). Works great under most clothes, but is ridiculous at night in bed. I now either sleep nude or in a nightie with no bottoms, because my underwear would get so twisted it would make my legs go numb.

Every style of underwear seems to have it's own unique set of problems, and whenever I find a really great pair of underwear, they're either insanely expensive or the company stops making them or changes the style. For example, Just My Size boycut undies were my favorite. Cheap, cute, comfortable (at least for daytime wear). Now they've changed the waist elastic (cheaper and less comfortable), and now rubs my waist raw.

I'm also reaching the point in weight loss where I really have to replace all of my underwear, and I don't know what to replace it with. Since my old favorites aren't available anymore, I have to start experimenting all over again.
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over and over again
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I haven't bought any new underwear since my 61lb loss and more then half of them r like baggy shorts on me. The crotch is straight And some of my chonies like to ride up my butt. Its a hassle cos I am constantly pulling them out. I know I need to buy some new ones soon and I think I will tonight cos after reading what I wrote, it just sounds plain sad.haha!
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Mine fall down AND give me wedgies, so I switched to strictly thongs. I figured they are going up my butt anyways, so mine as well make it that way
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HA! This is why I love this place... no one is ever alone, it just takes someone to bring it up!

For clarification - I was talking about all day long not just when I'm working out....

And I seem to have the wedgie/falling down problem especially when changing clothing.

Sounds like we all need some new undies!!!! I'm totally voting commando for a while though.
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UGH! I need new panties SERIOUSLY bad!!! Okay, so I've got some seriously saggy butt granny panties! LOL! My undies are soooooo old! But they have lasted a long time, I paid a decent penny for them, like $12 a pair and I have a good 10 pair like this. Why are undies referenced as pairs? Just a thought. They all came from Lane Bryant. And I wore them 80 lbs ago!! They supported me really well then. Now I guess the only point of wearing them is for in the God forbid event I split my pants open, no one can see crack! BAhahaahaha!

Here's my recommendation, don't skimp, go for the higher quality ones. I've seen similar ones at JC Penney as well. Hmm, sounds like a new goal to panties! YaY! I'm already excited.
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I go to Rue 21 to get all of my undies. .99 a pair and they are CUTE! Plus they have a lot of the boy short shape and those don't ride up on me. I either wear those or thongs.
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