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Angry Irrational Disappointment

So today I finally made it out of the 230's & on to the 220s- barely- 229.0 this morning. Anyways, I have this ridiculous habit & it just drives me nuts!!
I know everyones gonna say just quit it lol. But I cant help it!
I look at the scale after I get my day started & I swear by the afternoon it goes up like 3lbs!
Now I know I didnt just gain 3lbs, but I get sorta discouraged from the excitement of the low weigh in earlier in the morning!
Anyways just had to vent!
Thanks for readin
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this happens to me too, i think thats why they say to weigh yourself in the morning. but think about it, you've eaten, have had stuff to drink, your body probably has retained a little bit of water throughout the day...its really hard to say but I think its pretty normal. You're body weight fluctuate throughout the day and even throughout the week so try and do it in the morning only once a week, that way these disappointments wont continue to happen
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I do the same thing, but think about it this way. It's still down.
You go up 3 pounds in the afternoon, but I bet that number is still less then a couple days ago in the afternoon?

Try not to compare morning to afternoon, but instead this afternoon to yesterday afternoon. That is, if you really have to weigh in the evenings! Sometimes I weigh before bed, but I think what it said the day before and compare to that instead.
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I agree with sotypical and I know how you feel. I do that too! I try to not let it get me down. But I do understand the feeling. Congrats on getting out of the 230s. I hope to be joining you soon!
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I banned myself from the scale except for twice a week! Even then the dared thing can make me happy, angry, depressed and whole range of other emotion. So as long as my trend is going the right direction, I am trying (and failing) not to care too much about that cursed number.

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