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Unhappy Stupid Chocolate!

So I went to my sisters for a little get together cause she came home from Europe today- I ate 2 slices of cheezy bread when I wasnt even hungry; going over my calories by about 100. And then she comes home & brings me a bag of truffles & 3 different types of chocolate bars from Switzerland! OMG!

Of course they are all delicious; but now I feel like CRAPPP. So bummed to see what the scale is going to say in the morning- I've lost 7lbs in the last 15 days & I was so proud of that, but I am just guessing its going to be at least a 2lb gain- I gain wait & lose weight extremely easily- IF I keep with it!

I know tomorrow I will get back onto eating healthier & counting my calories & working out bright & early- I did however put a couple pieces of 3 types of chocolate in a bag- and left the rest out for everyone else to eat- I feel weird "saving" chocolate- but of course I cant NOT eat it- its from Europe! lol...
Anyways, guess Im just looking for some encouragement-
So afraid to step on that scale tomorrow!!
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oh ...chocolate that is my absolute weakness...what helps me before i eat it is "if i eat this ,its gonna be an extra 30 mins on treadmill" and that helps me put the hersheys back down lol you'll be just fine we'll help each other with the chocolate addiction lol
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I find it incredibly difficult to deal with the food-as-gift situation. I don't want to eat it, but since it was a gift, I feel so bad throwing it away! As a teacher, I feel like my kiddos are almost constantly bringing me goodies. It's even hard to give away because all my coworkers are in the same boat. The nice thing was that for teacher appreciation week, they gave us fruit baskets which I appreciated SO much!
Anyway, I think that saving a few pieces of that European chocolate is a good solution, especially since its kind of a special occasion. If you save it for later and eat it in small portions, I bet you'll enjoy it ten times more! And try not to worry about the scale too much... these things tend to happen. All you can do is move forward .
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I will never give up.
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What you did was good. And you know what? Going over by a few calories on one day is not going to cause your entire weight loss program to come crashing down.
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I have such a hard time when people give me food as a gift too! Everyone knows I love food (especially chocolate) so they always figure its the perfect gift. You don't realize how big a part food plays in society until you attempt to watch what you eat! Keeping a few peices though and giving the rest away was a good idea! You still get some chocolate but you aren't pigging out. Also your body might work differently than mine, but often when I cheat and then dread getting on the scale the next day I have either maintained my weight or even lost a bit! So don't worry unless the scale actually gives you bad news!!
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I used to live in Switzerland and I ate more chocolate than you can imagine -- seriously I ate like 2 bars worth of chocolate every day for a year. Ironically, I lost weight that year (I was walking since I lived in a city and I was cooking for myself instead of eating out or in dining halls).

It is okay to indulge now and then. Don't let it get you down! The fact that you only ate 2 pieces of cheesy bread instead of six is a sign that you are making the right choices!
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Have's not a biggie when you moderate it.
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It's chocolate from Switzerland - it's worth the 2 lbs! (I mean, c'mon! How often does your sis come home from Europe bearing gifts of delicious Swiss chocolate!?!)
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On the way down!
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oh chocolate. it screwed me also tonight. i was on par and ready to go. Then? 400 excess yummy dove chocolate calories. blast my sweet tooth. I find its even worse when I'm working out hard. Today I did my scheduled erg workout and then went on a run right after. I think I need to eat more at lunch. 400 calories is not cutting it.
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