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diet soda causes cancer. While the us banned some of the causing agents(but not all) other countries haven't at all. ( I still drink it but I'm trying hard to stop)
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Just thought I'd post a few words of encouragement. I quit diet soda (it wasn't really a choice- where I was living it just wasn't available) and I haven't had any for about 9 months. I'm back in the US now and my mom is a Diet Coke fiend so it is always in the house, but I never even consider drinking it. It's just not part of my routine anymore, if that makes sense. You can definitely do it, and you'll feel so much better for it!
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i had the worst addiction myslef... but i restrict myself to two cans a day... and now ive started coming down to one!!! it needs to be done slowly!
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"An independent study by researchers with the Framingham Heart Study in Massachusetts, has turned up results which indicate that the consumption of diet soda correlates with increased metabolic syndrome. Of the 9,000 males and females studied, findings stated that 48% of the subjects were at higher risk for weight gain and elevated blood sugar. The researchers also acknowledged that diet soda drinkers were less likely to consume healthy foods, and that drinking diet soda flavored with artificial sweeteners more than likely increases cravings for sugar flavored sweets.[3]

Individuals who drink excessive amounts of regular soda may experience weight loss if they switch to diet soda.[4]

Animal studies suggest that artificial sweeteners cause body weight gain, theoretically because of a faulty insulin response, at least in cows and rats. Rats given sweeteners have steadily increased caloric intake, increased body weight, and increased adiposity (fatness).[5] Adding saccharin to the food of calves increases their body weight as well.[6]"
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I know what you mean. I LOVE diet Coke with lime. I think it's okay to treat yourself a day or two out of the week. I used to hate water, but I used Crystal Lite mixes to give it taste and before I knew it I was drinking plain water and loving it. I made it a goal to drink at least 32oz of water before I was allowed to drink one can of soda. And usually after drinking so much water I wouldn't even want the soda. Maybe setting a goal like that can work for you.

Good Luck! -Skye
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Get yourself some Excedrin with caffeine if you are going cold turkey! You are going to have some serious headaches, and they could last weeks.
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Over a year ago I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi cold turkey. I now drink bottled water with Pink Lemonade Crystal Light and am in the process of weaning myself off of that and to just plain water.

If I am out and do not have Crystal Light I will order a Diet Sprite if the restaurant or vending machine has it. A few times I have had a can of Diet Pepsi at a friend's house but I honestly do not enjoy the taste anymore. Can't believe that used to be the only beverage I existed on.

Good luck!
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