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I don't keep in touch with any of my high school friends. In the last few months of senior year I did a lot of growing and my friends didn't. We just didn' have anything in common.

Also I feel a little bit embrassed for them to see me now. I'll be 22 in august, Most of high school friends are finishing up universty. and I'm just starting out. On top of that I've gained about 40lbs since I left high school. Whereas they have satyed the same weight or loss some.
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This actually is something that I've been struggling a lot with and has really made me sort of sad. I was never social, never much into making tons of friends during school. I only had two very close friends and anymore we're strangers. I go over to their place to visit and we sit in silence while they play video games on their respective computers.

It gets me down since we were so incredibly close.
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I guess I'm an oddball... I'm going to school out-of-state but I'm still really close to my friends back in MI I made in high school, and haven't been able to make very many good friends here at school. I love going home for break and seeing my high school friends... it's like I never left!
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I haven't talked to my "Best friends" from high school since i was a Freshmen in college. I run into people here and there when i go home, but really never kept in touch with anyone. I also left HS early because i hated it so much and moved 3000 miles away from my home town. And now i live overseas, so thankfully i don't have to see anyone who knows me!!!
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My close friends in hs, I still talk to two of them occasionally, but I feel like they're both the same exact people they were while I am far more mature emotionally and socially than I was. In HS, I had so few friends. Low self-esteem... guess how I got tubby?

Anyways, here at college, I have a good amount of friends who can fully comprehend my emotional depth and match my intelligence (rather than match 1 aspect like with my hs friends...). I've definitely become a stronger person and I've matured so much. Although I'm sad that I've lost those friendships and a good amount of friendships [turned into acquaintances], I like the ones I have.

I ended a toxic friendship last August, one from high school. After I briefly explained why I didn't want to be friends, I was actually told, "I didn't think you'd ever be able to just end this friendship" by this ex-friend. I don't think it had been made clear to her until then that I truly had changed.

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Not really, everyone I knew in highschool were just fake. (I moved around my whole life but I finished my last two years of highschool in the same school.) Everyone was just a people pleaser and even now they still do everything they can to fit in. They never really grew out of not being themselves but being someone everyone wants them to be. I have some people on my facebook but I just like to see what they're up to I hardly talk to them and if I do its 2 word convos. Do I miss any of them? No. Was I sad to leave highschool? **** no, leaving highschool was the best time of my life I'm enjoying life without constantly having stupid people around me.
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