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Default It's working!!!


I think I finally figured it out!

The adventure of losing weight is so exciting, because along the road you end up having to learn about yourself.

And I have! Typically, I am the kind of girl who dives into things. I go cold turkey and work hard without thinking twice. And then I just up and burn out. As simple as that.

So when I decided to diet again, I approached it completely different than I had before. This time I told myself "I don't care." If I lose weight, cool, if I don't, I don't care. Because I didn't get myself all up and excited about it, it was really easy for me to take things slowly. I had no problem eating 1650 cal/day for a week, despite my fear that it wouldn't have a result as it's too close to my estimated maintenance (and the scale didn't budge--yet I was cool about it, and have since delicately dropped it to 1550). By my calculations, my calorie deficient is 1050 a week, and the calories I burn from exercise in a week is a mere 330-420... so I should be losing only 0.3-0.4lbs per week....

And you know what? I'm just fine with that!!!!

I'm so proud of my patience. Last time I went on this journey, I thought I was a failure if I lost only a 1lb a week. But now my state of mind says... heck, anything is better than nothing!

But what I'm mostly proud of is my exercise. As I said before, I dive RIGHT into things. I go from sitting on my butt all day, to walking on a treadmill for an hour several times a week... Within two weeks, I always throw in the towel. ...But this time is different. I have been working out 7x a week, for 15 minutes a day... and slowly working up. And I haven't felt overwhelmed! I'm so happy. I'm so happy that I'm just taking this one step at a time.

My diet sucks right now. It's an absolute mess and completely unhealthy. But I'm not worrying about it. I'm taking this process nice and slow and steady... once my exercise routine gets stable, then I can work on slowly reevaluating my diet.

I also learned that I'm very goal oriented. I absolutely need something I can look forward to that's under my control to reach. (Having weight goals is fine, but I can't exactly control my weight like I can my exercise or diet.)

I'm so happy with how things are going. I'm pleased with my improvement and I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead when I get to 'treat' myself with C25K or EA Sports Active or strength work outs. I can't believe I found something that works for me and keeps me so excited!

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Way to go!!! That's so great!!!!
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I luv my curves
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exactly! Its more in the mind than anything and many people fail at losing weight because its so much more to it than just eating right and working out. Its truly a journey. Keep up the good work
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slow and steady wins the race! i'm just like you. the first time i lost weight it was too restricting so i ended up gaining it back. this time im taking it slowly and its working out well. it also helps to be forgiving for those days where we don't actually make the best choices. keep it up!
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