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Default i slipped up

after a really great day yesterday at around 11 i got some not so great news (just casting stuff nothing major) and it messed with me so much. i went to a pi-yo (pilates yoga combo) class that morning and done an hour of warmup/cardio/stretching. i had been up since 7:15 that morning. and it broke me down completely because i had just had an acting teacher say something about how 80% of your casting is based on looks. so it just all hit me like a hurricane.

i went and bought two large fries and a soda from wendys which i ate. then i proceeded to, though i was instructed not to by both my fiance and my best friend here who was busy at the time and probably would have stopped me if he hadn't been, to drink then go out to a club with some of my friends and then come back and drink more, none of this was alone it was all with a group. not the best choice, but well, it's college. anyway, i found myself at 7:40 with my alarm going off, still dressed up from the night passed out sideways on my friends sofa. i made it to my 8 am and all was well.

honestly the drinking isn't the issue, i just shouldnt have with the 8 am class and feeling depressed. it was the fact that my first instinct was food. and food to cure body issues is not good. i am proud of myself for not having thoughts of meal skipping now or of purging earlier and i am headed to the gym for weight lifting and then a yoga class soon. i plan to keep on my plan, and i feel better than ever knowing that i can get back on the horse.

here's my thing, how long till i start seeing results? i can feel myself being more energized than ever, which is saying a lot as i'm a person with a lot of energy usually and i feel stronger. but i'm so desperate to start seeing a difference in my body physically, i don't have a scale in my room and the one at the gym here is a little wonky but it's not even the numbers. i just want to see a change and have other people see it too.

so thanks for reading my long rant, here's my point: how do you keep yourself going while waiting to find physical results?

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I think about the internal effects first. The first few weeks is the hardest because your mentally breaking habits, you're body is changing, you're shedding water weight and bloat. Just keep up at it and watch your sodium and calorie intake. It's all about motivation. Do it for you, not for broadway, not for casting directors, but for YOU.
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The only way to "keep going" is to stop thinking about it as "waiting to find physical results." You're not waiting for anything--there is no trophy at the end. And this isn't personal, but I hate sayings like "get back on the horse" because it implies you're headed towards a certain destination and intend to climb off once you're there. If you're unhappy with the way you're eating now, you're going to be unhappy for life, because you can't just stop once it's "over."

I think you need to sit down and figure out exactly why you're so "desperate" to shrink. Imagine that you've finally reached your goal weight and you're never invited to a call-back. Your friends and family barely notice. Your fiance just says, "but you were pretty before" and chows down on french fries. Then what? Will you feel that you went to all those yoga classes for nothing? Will you hit up Wendys and gain it all back?

Probably not, because there's a host of benefits to taking care of your body. You're fixating right now on the lead spot in a musical and the approving stares of strangers as rewards to come from exercising and eating right. This makes your "diet" look like a punishment or agonizing chore; something to put up with until you earn your just desserts. But if you come up with real reasons to make good decisions, you'll be much happier.
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For me I slip up ALOT but I still make sure to keep my Cal's between 1500-1700 its only been a few weeks for me but from the looks of it i'm seeing results. Now I don't have a scale and i'm thinking of buying one today so maybe it's really my mirror messing with my head but even if it is and I "think" i'm seeing results it still makes me what to continue because I look great.

don't worry about one day eatting a bunch of crap just shrug it off and start back up again the next day. The beautiful thing about another day is it's a WHOLE new day for you change and forget what you did the last day. We have have bad days where things set us off and we say what's the point? Well the point is your doing this for yourself and no one else. You want to change your lifestyle into a healthy for you. So your casting director say's it's about looks where is not EVER about looks to be honest? Whether it's in an If you don't get picked try again next year or however it works. The thing about life is to continue moving forward and to continue working hard.

Everybody's body is different I think i'm seeing results after a few weeks, where others may not see results for a little over a month. I like to do a lot of walking, running and fast paste work out video's. I find things like Yoga or Pilaties boring and too slow to loose any weight. (that's just me i'm weird) so for seeing results on yourself it could take a while or it could be quick, but even if it's taking along time the thing is to NOT give up and not give in because you'll only be failing yourself and trust me failing yourself is a lot worse then failing someone else.

So good luck on your journey don't let one day of a slip up get to you, remember tomorrow is ALWAYS another day to start again.

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It's going to take a while for you to notice a change in yourself, physically anyway. I have been on WW for about 3 months and I'm just now noticing a difference in how I look.

I love what TKM said about how there is no specific destination. Really losing and keeping weight off is about changing your lifestyle, not just what you eat, but how you eat and becoming more active.

Don't let one day slow you down. I just went out last night to a bachelorette party and drank waaay too many calories, but ya know what? I know it's ok because I can just start over again today! Just make sure that it's not too often and you will still see results! You can even eat french fries if you want, as long as they are in moderation.

As hard as it is, don't let what people say get you down. I just think about how I'll look after I lose all this weight and it really motivates me! I hope this helps you!!
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What you did is in the past and now that it is today you can move on and still be healthy. That is something that is very important to remember.

What I do to motivate myself even though I might not see results is that I know that I might not be losing weight or seeing the results as fast as I want to but I know I am NOT gaining weight or getting any bigger. Just stick to your plan and be good and you will KNOW you are not getting heavier. It is kind of a "I may not see the results as fast as I want but atleast I am not going BACKWARDS"

This post might seem a bit repetitive but I tell myself these things every day that I feel discouraged.
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