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Batgirl will always win.
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Default Issues with Weight Loss and College

Of you college students or college graduates, what do you find to be the biggest struggle about losing weight and going through college?

I don't have a problem with compulsion or stress eating but my roomate likes to stay up very late and I stay up now too and it's hard not to let hunger get to you if you stay up.
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I lost a significant amount of weight my last semester of college. I drank water like crazy when I got thirsty! I gained weight when I was diagnosed with a severe illness and I was out in the working world. It's 2010 and I'm ready to do battle against my weight!
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Batgirl will always win.
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I'm trying to take advantage of that free access to the wonderful gym right now to combat this weight.
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Yes it is so hard!! I just went back and I am taking 19 hours this semester. I am a stress eater so when the big assignments roll around that is the most difficult time for me. Not to mention that I do not have a lunch break between my classes, the most time I have is 10 minutes till my next class, so I get so hungry.

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Definitely use the campus resources to your benefit! I WISH I would have used the college gym while I was there. I did not lose weight in college because I didn't give it my all. I was working 25 hrs a week, full time college hours, and an infant (last two years of college) made it harder on me. AND that my friends is just an excuse, but it was so hard at that time. I was never into it like I am now. So I am embracing it and going full force to take care of myself.

GOOD LUCK!! You CAN do it.
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I've definitely found college a challenge. Before heading off for my first semester this fall, I had been following Weight Watchers for about 6 months. And I lost it. I go to a women's college and in all honesty, we're not as self-conscious about how much we eat as we would be if there were men around. That's really been the challenge... I find that I eat more than I did before I was on Weight Watchers at school... which is not good at all. I've been taking advantage of the 1 credit exercise classes my school offers (so that I HAVE to go... because nothing motivates me more than a good grade).
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Jess is losing it!
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I gained practically all of my weight in college. Now I'm a college grad and I want it OFFF!!

For me, the problem was always that I'd start the quarter/semester on the wagon, prep my own food, even make it to the gym, and then as soon as midterms hit, BAM! I was stressed, I didnt feel like I had time to cook or eat healthy, let alone fit in a workout. So I skipped the gym to study, and I ate burger king at 1 am. Baaad....

My advice? Make your health your top priority. I fell into the trap of thinking that had to be time consuming, and it really really doesnt. Take a serious look at everything on your plate (not the one you're eating off of ). Getting enough sleep is KEY, so try not to let you roommate keep you up. It leads to all sorts of problems including stress and a weakened immune system - not to mention late night cravings - those can be avoided! If you have to stay up late, my fave solution is to go brush your teeth. Snacks just seem much less nappealing whem your mouth tastes like toothpaste. Also, make time to put activity into your day. Every little bit counts, even if it means walking instead of taking the shuttle. And of course, use the campus gym whenever you get the chance... you'll miss it once you're graduated!!
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I gained my weight at the end of highschool and first year of college. By second year I was working out and loosing it and I did. But when I finished college that's when the weight came back on...Now 3 years later I want it off and gone for good!
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finding the time/energy to exercise! i work and go to school so whenever i'm at home all i want to do is just relax. right now eating healthy isnt such a problem--I hope it stays that way!
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The hardest thing about losing weight in college for me was

1. the dining hall food/ the easy to make junk that you can cook in your dorm room and not having a kitchen

2. eating while studying... I made a terrible habit in college of making studying more fun by enjoying regular cokes and sour patch kids while I did it (omg bad!)

3. Take out at 2am... chinese, calzones, peer pressure

4. and lastly, Beer!

It's hard work to lose weight in college. Be mindful of everything you put in your mouth. Walk to class, don't take the shuttle. Take the stairs. Walk in stead of taking a cab. Use the gym! It can be done but it is very difficult!
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One step at a time
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Is this question not obvious? Alcohol!! Haha, jk jk, but think about the caloric intake of a typical college kid's night out. Dinner with friends at some restaurant (who knows...700 calories maybe?), couple beers while you're hanging out and getting ready (maybe 200 calories), go out to the bar and have more beer, fruity drinks, sugary drinks, etc (500 calories), and once you're drunk, it's the law of nature to want Taco Bell or Dominos (a zillion calories). And how many times a week does a college kid have nights like that? And what do you do the morning after? Certainly not go for a jog!

I'm not much of a party girl at all, actually, but beer has been my nemesis. And fast's easy and cheap.
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Which round am I at now?
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It is so expensive to eat healthy food at school!! I'll spend 15$/ day, where as if I ate crap, 5 bucks would do me. AND our gym in RIDICULOUSLY inaccessible. I do love my beer... though i actually gained all my weight during a depressed point in highschool.

text anxiety eating! No sleep and therefore extra eating, and ohboy, those energy drinks screw with your system!
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Mindless eating when studying/working.
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The biggest problem for me was finding the time...but really we should squeeze in some exercise time, because it stimulates our brains and will help our grades after all! lol

Here's a tip: the best way to burn fat actually is through LOW intensity cardio, versus high intensity. When I'm stressed, our angry, etc I have to run- its my outlet. But this is high intensity cardio.
However, to burn fat hit the elliptical or do the treadmill at a lower speed with an incline. When I'm at this slower speed and incline combo on the treadmill, 1) I'm burning fat 2) I can take a textbook and easily read it since I'm not going fast. Fit in both!

Or another thing I do is for every hour of studying I do, I take a ten minute break to walk my dog around the block. She loves it and it gets me some fresh air to hit the books again!
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To me losing/maintaining weight in college was no different than in any other situation and really why should it be different?
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