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Default Healthy Snack Ideas?

Hey Ladies,

I need your healthy snack ideas STAT!

mine is kettle popcorn. it's low cal and satisfies the sweet and salty cravings. this is not gonna sustain me forever though. what do you guys usually have as a low cal (less than 100) snack?
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For low-carbers:

Mixed nuts
Cold cut slices
Cheese squares
Boiled eggs

For general, and I think this works for low-carb too, a mix of raw broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot chunks, for dipping into a diet-friendly sauce. I like horseradish-mustard for that purpose.
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for CC I like Yoplaid light fat free yogurt at 100 cals, or light popcorn at 15 cals a cup.
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Fruit! String Cheese!
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I like those 100 calorie packs of things, its easy and they have a wide variety. My fav's are the chocolate covered pretzels and the 100 calorie hostess cakes
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oh so many!
most range between 100-165
-a few crackers w/ a laughing cow cheese
-raw almonds
-1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder
- greek yogurt w/ just a drizzle of honey
- fiber one bars (peanutbutter is my favorite)
- a piece a fruit
- string cheese
- edamame
- baby carrots and zucchini strips w/ ranch
- Organic Z Bars

I snack A LOT at work, can you tell? LOL!
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I do a small chunk of baking chocolate or sugar free chocolate with 10 almonds!! MMmmm

Also, string cheese was a great suggestion.
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I combine a 60 calorie Dannon yogurt with 1/2 cup of Kashi high fiber cereal (140 calories per cup). Yum!

I also love frozen grapes for 60 calories a cup. It's sweet and takes forever to eat.

Organic hot dog...70 calories of yum.

Full Bar 160 calories and if I have it with a cup of coffee or hot tea, I'm stuffed.
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I repeat the votes for frozen grapes, raw almonds and string cheese, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned hummus. The spicy fiberlicious protein goodness dip is great for toasted pita wedges, whole grain crackers, veggies etc.
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