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It's so sad to think that my drinking days are numbered, but until I can reach my goal weight it's probably best that I don't drink except for special occasions. It just always makes me SO hungry. Being in college, a stop to taco bell or mcdonalds is pretty much guaranteed at the end of the night. lol. good luck on cutting out alcohol.
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i stopped drinking when I started seriously dieting. Even when I have the calories for it within my day, I too bloat.

If I go out, i stash diet cokes in my purse and pour them into those big, red cups. People assume I have a drink already, I dont consume any extra calories and my friends have a sober driver.
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it is really hard to cut out drinking when its constantly around you and when you are trying to lose weight! sadly i've just started staying home and finding better things to do with my time instead of hanging out at the bar with my girlfriends and what not. also its so much easier to wake up and exercise!!
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I havent cut it out completely but I have cut back tremendously and I think it has helped a lot in my weight loss. I was drinking wine and beer at home just to be drinking. I try not to drink and eat at the same time if I can due to an article I read about how our body stops metabolizing our food in order to metabolize the alcohol and that food is set aside and stored as fat. As much as I miss my glass of wine the weight loss is much more important to me right now.
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cutting back on drinking is one of my new years resolutions. Not only for weight loss, but also for personal safety! Went i drink, i get drunk, and i fall down alot. I had to go to the hospital last month for damage from a fall!

When i was in university i rarely drank alcohol and was very thin. now i drink alot, and am not thin.

I am trying to go all of January with no alcohol, then see what hapens from there!
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A while back I hit a plateau so I cut out alcohol totally. I lost another 5 lbs pretty easily. Since I've reached my goal I have a drink once in a while (or maybe a few times a week) but I make sure I'm careful about how much I have overall each week. If I have a glass of wine 2 or 3 nights, I make sure I don't have any alcohol until the following week. I just try to balance it out.
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I haven't cut out drinking, and I don't do it often, mostly for special occasions. My problem though, is when I drink, I DRINK. A lot. And then I get hungry and eat crap. I have been doing better lately (new city, less friends, less social), but I'm not sure if I will be cutting it out completely. I love me a glass of wine with the girls
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When I drink, I go crazy lol. I order the sugary fruity girly drinks with extra shots, then I try what my friends are having and I order one of those next, then it's c/v's, straight shots, etc etc until closing time. Those nights are really fun sometimes, it must be said. But then there's the IHOP/diner run after the bars close... Where I always end up tipping like $20. Then the next morning, I feel like crap until I eat a ton of food (greasy fast food always hits the spot!). So cutting out drinking has done wonders for my weight and my savings... As soon as I get down to 150, I'll let myself have a night out like this but I'm going to put in extra time at the gym to burn off the calories before my splurge. Who knows, maybe I'll burn the extra pound and not want to blow it by going out afterall! =) However, I do like to drink a glass of red wine maybe once a week or so... It's strong enough that it takes me a long time to drink, I have to drink it with a meal, and I really don't want a second glass, so it works for me.
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For the first month of my weight loss journey I cut out drinking completely. After about 5 weeks I realized that drinking in moderation is more practical for my lifestyle than cutting it out completely. However, moderation kind of went out the window when both me and one of my girlfriends were single for the first time in a long time.

I apparently have a weird body bc I lost weight at the same pace, if not faster while I was going out and drinking a couple nights a week. Also, the morning after a night of drinking my weight is usually down a few pounds (probably from dehydration).

When I way still trying to lose weight I drank vodka with either club soda or cranberry. However when I reached my goal I started drinking beer again. (it's football season afterall). I have not gained back any weight since reaching my goal while drinking.

I think I big part of my ability to go out and drink frequently and maintain weight is my mentality. I love to go out and drink with my girlfriends, so if I have to hit the gym a little harder and longer for a few days, so be it. I would rather work out hard and play hard. Also, when I drink I am dancing all night, so I'm pretty sure that burns off a big portion of my alcohol calories for the night. )
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