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Wanting 2 b Smokin Hot!
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Talking I'm back!

I went away for awhile off of here and I shouldn't have because i gained 20lbs!!! I am so mad at myself and the choices I've made...its suxs. I started eating healthy again...today my dad was like i c ur trying again, whats the point. I told him i want to do this and that you should lose with me and he tells me when i get down to 250 that's when he would start. So i need you guys 4 support cuz obviously i don't get it at home and my friends are not really supportive either. I already have some of you on my fb which is great! I just just want to get back into swing of things, cuz the new year is around the corner!
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Try not to listen to your dad, losing weight is hard and we all struggle with it. You are doing this for you and you deserve it! I am glad you are back, now dont leave again ok?? lol
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Welcome back! Just keep at it. When your feeling unmotivated by your dad or anyone else, try looking at the goal and mini goal forums. Those people's stories and pictures always keep me motivated!
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Welcome back!
Alot of us go for a while and gain weight, but what's important is that you decided to come back. You've still lost SO much weight and you should be proud of yourself! Keep up your spirits you can get to your goal
good luck!
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My thoughts here are....You're trying again.....isn't it great that you didn't let a little fall off the wagon defeat you??? Way to go YOU for letting your health be a priority instead of letting your Dad's negativity get in the way.

No matter what happens or how big of a step back we take, WE HAVE to keep coming back. I slipped up too, and over a period of time gained about 20 lbs back. I was so mad at myself and considered just letting myself get bigger and be the "Big Girl" forever..... but it's soooooooooo not worth it. The steps back are hard, but the steps forward are exciting and healthy and everything good :-)

Keep going. You can do this.
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Wanting 2 b Smokin Hot!
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thank you guys that means alot!
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I would turn that comment from your dad into motivation. Get down to 250 to show him that you can do it...prove him wrong!
Glad you are back, and yes, everyone has their rough periods at times. I just came back after being gone for about 3 weeks. I was dealing with feeling down though...just depressed. However, I'm back and I feel great even though I'm still making horrible choices with my eating. Haha! But we can do this together!! Hang in there!
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sgregg is right, do it for your dad. I don't know if he's anything like my mother, but she's pretty overweight and the first part of my journey I did just to prove to her that it could be done...and now she's trying herself. If your dad needs to lose, maybe you could not only improve your life, but also be the inspiration that he needs?

Even if it won't help him, do this for you. Check back on the forum every day, join a challenge or something...that definitely always helps keep ME on track. I love the challenges on this thing.

Just remember, I've heard it a million times on here....weight loss is not linear. It's a journey, and you'll eventually make it to the end!
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