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Default Camping!?!

In about a week and a half, I'm going on a trip with a group of friends so we can basically camp. Any really good tips/ideas on how to eat well without my trusty fridge and fitday on my laptop here to help me stay on track?

I just want to make sure I have enough time to get the food that I need!

Thank you guys. Also, low-cal drinking tips appreciated for the trip as well!
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Well I'd drink nothing but water and possibly the lighter cal gatorade.

As for food will you have a cooler? Buy ice to keep it cold? I'd just pack up as much healthy stuff that can be at room temperature, including fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, and so on Breads should keep for a few days also
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there are these great tuna salad kits with small canned tuna salad and crackers, and they don't need to be refrigerated! 170 cals and like $1.50 each at the grocery store! They are my lifesaver!
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Here is my typical camping food list.

Lean meat, diced. (sometimes already marinated)
My favorite veggies, diced.
My favorite seasonings

I wrap all that up (sometimes with diced potatoes) in foil and throw on the campfire on a grate. I cook it for 6ish minutes and flip it. It's scrumptious.

Hotdogs. I have to have ONE hotdog on a camping trip. I pair it with lots of raw veggies and make sure that I have a multigrain bun with me for it.

Beans. You can open a can, lay foil over it, and put it on the grate to heat the beans up. I like black beans this way. Sometimes I add seasonings.

A sweet onion-- slice it from top to midway down repeatedly, criss-crossing the slices. Put one tbsp butter (I use smart balance) in the center of the onion. Some people sprinkle it with cinnamon, I don't. Wrap in foil and throw on the fire to cook. It's a delicious alternative to that ghastly bloomin' onion!

One other thing that I indulge in during a lunch meal is that I get a tortilla and spread that pb&j in a jar on it, wrap it up and munch.

Of course, I take a big cooler and cook because I love fire cooking. I just have to have someone there who's more adept at fire building than I am!
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Eumie gave some really good suggestions. Just plan out ahead of time what you can eat on the days. Coolers should work.
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Sweet, thanks everyone. I will definitely be bringing food with me (we have a cooler!) and trying to eat the best I can. Plan B is to exercise to make up for whatever else I do eat/drink. lol.
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