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Angry Home from hospital - Gallbladder issues.

Hello girlies. Long time no talk. I just got home from the hospital, I went to the ER on Friday afternoon, thinking I was dieing or something. Worst pain ever - they kept up until an hour ago. Interesting experience I guess, I've never spent any nights in a hospital before. they wouldn't let me eat or drink anything for like 28 hours, it was brutal! They pumped me full of pain killers and antibiotics all weekend. I had an ultrasound, turns out I have a bunch of stones in my gallbladder, and require surgery I really wanted them to do it this weekend while I was there. They were going to do it today if some enzymes in my liver or something were as bad as yesterday, but they took my blood this morning and it appears that I must have passed the stone, so they decided to wait for my surgery because they are super busy. Ugh! So they discharged me and told me to call them on Tuesday and we will go from there. The surgeon told me that my surgery could possibly be a month down the road. Darn it! So now I have to live in fear until I have this surgery, affraid to eat. I'm suppose to lay off greasy and fatty foods until my gallbladder is removed, which I don't really eat anyway.... I'm not gonna lie, I'm REALLY nervous for the operation. I know it's only like 4 little slits in my gut, but still, I'm scared. I've never had any type of surgery before. If anyone on here has had it, please tell me everything is going to be ok! please please please!
I just figured I'd let you all know what's been going on with me. I haven't weighed myself since Friday morning, and I don't want to. I've had constant IV fluids pumping through me since Friday afternoon, I'm sure I'll be up some weight!

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I had it and it's not that bad. The recovery is pretty easy. The part that sucks though is the wait for the surgery. The pain is horrible!!!! I was pregnant when I started getting attacks and I waited for 2 months after I gave birth to have the surgery, but I made a few trips to the ER because of the attacks. It got to the point where I had to nibble because if I ate anything in a significant amount I would get an attack. The surgery is so worth it though.
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I had it in March.Its really pretty easy.You will be sore for several days after but nothing compared to the pain you are having now.You will feel sooooooo much better when it is out!!Hang in there.
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Okay, thanks guys!
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My mother had her gallbladder removed. Though if she's something deep fried and oozing with calories she says she can sometimes still feel where her galbladder was and gets twinges. Who knows.
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I too was a surgical chicken and delayed my surgery 18 months but eating virtually non-fat diet. However once I had the surgery, no big deal, and really annoyed at myself for not having it sooner. I never even took the second dose of pain meds they sent me home on. Biggest discomfort was I had surgical staples and man-oh-man they itched until the pulled them (besides being scary looking!).
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aw luvja, hope you get the surgery soon and feel better. Stupid hospitals always being busy!
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aww luvja you look so fed up. I have never had the surgery, but hope you get better soon and that they dont postpone it for ages
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Had the surgery on a Thursday, went back to work on Monday. Now I can eat anything. The pain is much less than the pain of a gall-bladder attack; just some muscle pain. You will be glad you did it. In the meantime, cut out the fat, cause digesting fat is the gallbladder's job, so you can have another attack, and I know how unpleasant THAT is.
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The SAME thing happened to me. i woke up and I had never been in an pain like that before, and when i go there, they told me that I had something wrong with my gallbladder, and my liver enzymes were high as well. and I was placed in the hospital for 3 days. and the surgeons and other doctors were arguing if I should have suregery.

I didn't have it tho, they said it wasn't needed at the time.

Stay away from greasy foods. seriously. they hurt you. and btw cute pic of you.
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Thanks for the input everyone. Much appreciated. RE: picture, that is my "I want to go home, and stop being pricked with needles" face!
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I had the surgery about 5 years ago - the surgery itself is easy and so was recovery. They told me 2 weeks until I was feeling normal again and it was exactly two weeks. I had the surgery a week before I walked in my college graduation and everything was fine. I know what you mean about being afraid... I put off my surgery for a month because I was taking finals, moving, graduating, etc. and lived in fear of eating because it hurt so bad. But I survived - avoid dairy, fat, etc and you'll manage.

Now, the post-surgery digestion issues on the other hand...
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My grandmother and mother had their gallbladders out within a year of each other (and I think my MIL had it done the year before, and my SIL the year after -- I joke to my husband that if we ever had biological kids, I'd have the doctor call in a surgeon as soon as they leave the womb, lol!).

They all recovered quickly and haven't had much of an issue since. My mom has no digestive issues if she eats fairly low-fat (which she normally does), and even when she does have problems they must not be TOO bad, because she still eats french fries or alfredo sauce or whatever once in a while. My SIL has more problems I think... but she also has some other stomach issues so I think sometimes it's hard to pin down which foods are REALLY causing her problems.
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