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I work out a decent amount at home... I use my Wii with programs like Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. They get me off the couch, moving, and sweating in a place where I feel safe from judgment and embarrassment. So far, it was been very effective.
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Yay! Something I can give advice about!

I am fat, yes - but I love exercise. I'm a member of two gyms and also have all the equipment I could ever need at home. I have days where I cannot be assed to leave the house, and I just want to do a quick half an hour just to feel like I've done something. Well here's a selection of the things I have - maybe it'll give you some inspiration!

TV and Living Room
Firstly, I have a huge selection of fitness DVDs. Some I like, some I don't - but there's a huge variety and you can get many really cheap. Check Amazon for cheap ones with good reviews.
Secondly, I'm not sure about the US, but here in the UK we have a TV channel called 'Body In Balance' (275 for Sky viewers!) which is just exercise programmes. So I Sky+ Carribean Workout, Brazillian Workout, Yoga, Pilates, and my favourite - New York City Ballet Workout.
Thirdly, when watching my favourite shows, I bring my mini trampoline through and just bounce through the programme. As long as I'm up and doing something, I feel like I'm progressing. Remember - moving is losing!
Fourth, I have my Wii. This is a piece of equipment which can really be used to your own benefit. There are lots of Wii fitness games out there - the most popular being Wii Fit of course. However, I'm not a fan of Wii Fit and would instead recommend My Fitness Coach, which I use every day and which is AMAZING - and EA Sports Active, which is also really good.
Lastly, I buy a lot of fitness magazines. Women's Health, Women's Fitness, Zest, Health & Fitness, Ultra Fit, Shape, Fitness - and I read the articles and the fitness advice and make up routines in my front room.

Home Gym
I've converted a room in my house into a home gym, which is where I store my fitness equipment. I have a cross-trainer, bike, boxing equipment, weights, a Powerplate, a step, kettlebells, core training equipment - loads of stuff! I never get bored, and my favourite trick is to take a selection of that stuff - for example, the step, the mini trampoline, some weights, a hula hoop, a skipping rope and a kettlebell, and set up stations in the back garden so I can do some circuits. This is great to do on a warm evening and really does the trick!

Finally, I would say that if you were interested in some home workouts, the only equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells, a mini trampoline and a skipping rope. However, I would also really recommend My Fitness Coach for the Wii which really keeps you motivated. Good luck!
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