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Default Closet Purging

About a month ago I started closet purging. Well, more like closet and drawar purging! Not so much to do with weight loss though. More so that I realized.. my drawers were so stuffed with clothes, that I couldn't open them anymore. And yet... I NEVER wore at LEAST half of them... and yet they were constantly getting in the way and preventing me from easily getting to the clothes that I DO like. So one night I sat in my room and got out every piece of clothing I owned, and I made 3 piles: Yes, No, and Maybe. Yes was the clothing I did like the look of, and felt fit my individual style. Maybe was one's I would think over. No's were ones I felt weren't me... they just didn't fit my style, and I hardly wore them. Some I was attached to, but I had to ask myself, "Is this really me?" and most of the times, the answer was "No." I am NOT a baggy, dark-colored sweater. I am NOT an old-granny shirt, and I am NOT a baggy shirt with text on it. I'm NOT. I'm form-fitting bright colors, BOLD, adventurous, striking, and STYLISH, and if my clothing doesn't reflect that, then I don't want it! So yeah, I got rid of like half my clothes.

Well that was a few weeks ago. Today I went through all the remaining clothes, the yeses. Then I reevaluated whether I actually liked/would wear each item, and I tried ALL of it on. If I didn't like the way it looked on me in any way, I got rid of it (basically, I like shirts that show my figure more.. if it was baggier and if tented out in the front even a LITTLE bit, out it went!). I donated all of it to Salvation Army. Now I'm done... but I have about 1/4 the amount of clothes I started with a month ago. HOWEVER, I don't regret it one bit! I love all the clothing I have now and look forward to wearing it, even though I have much less of it!

I do have an entire drawer of memory shirts though, that I can't bear to part with. You know the ones... the shirts you get from stuff like school plays and events and childhood sports teams..... to me those represent important memories and I couldn't part with them.

Now my only concern is that I might have very nice clothing remaining, but soon I'm not even going to fit into that anymore! Ugh. I'm going to seriously have to start hitting up Salvation Army soon.

By the way, this post had no real purpose except to rant about clothes. But I'd like to hear from you guys! How is your closet lately? And how has it been affected by your weight loss?
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I read the title and thought this was going to be about closet PURGING, not CLOSET purging!

I got rid of all my "skinny" clothes about a year ago, when I had resigned myself to being fat forever. Now I regret it! I've lost almost 42 lbs. and pretty much everything in my closet is now too big - especially the shirts. Most of my shirts in my closet are size 2X. Now, I'm in between an XL and an L. I have a really hourglass figure, so if my shirts are baggy in the middle now, they just hide all my hard work!

I've got to have clothes for school (I'm a teacher), so I'm gonna have to go shopping this week. At a minimum, I'm gonna have to get two pair of black pants, a pair of khaki pants, and a few shirts. Part of me says Goodwill (Salvation Army here is too expensive for used clothing!), but part of me says I'm worth so much more than someone else's discards. (Pretty snooty, I know - considering some of those discards could be MINE!)
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Good for you! You're putting in alot of hard work to have the body you want. You deserve clothes that make you feel fabulous, not frumpy!
My closet hmmmm...
Right now the only clothing I have that fits falls into two categories, "wear to the gym" and "wear for work IF casual is allowed". Both categories work well for the small town atmosphere I now live in. I have tons more clothes in a storage unit that won't fit me for a long time and much of that is better suited for my old Chicago lifestyle.
When I get my own place again I'll do some closet purgng of my own. I think I'll maintain several different wardrobes for the various areas of my life. My family's probably already cringing at the thought of some of my favorite clothing choices and praying they never actually SEE me in a rubber dress. I need to remember I'm over 40 don't you know... pffft!
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I definitely need to go through and throw out a lot of my clothes. I was in desperate need of doing laundry this morning and couldn't find ANYTHING I wanted/was willing to wear, then I realized I was standing in a whole pile of clean clothes that I never touched. Why are those still there?

After my last final on Tuesday I have a few free days, and I think I'm gonna crank the air, put on the girly movies and purge.

Thanks for the motivation. =)
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I was so worried about this thread. I thought you were purging in closets. Then when I started reading the post and you were purging in drawers?!? After the inital eww, I got the idea I'd got it wrong!

Great news on throwing out the 'good enough' clothes - you don't have to settle for something that's not you!
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meg - im taking all my memory shirts (mostly concerts for me) and making a quilt. im quite excited about it
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Haha, just like everyone else...When I first saw this I was like - megwini purges?!

But I went through my closet recently. You should of seen how much clothing I had that I never wore....that is now too big. I bought it when they were a bit snugged and I hate snug clothing. Tons of shirts and some pants. Then I rummaged through my drawers for current clothes that were too big. Now I'm left with like 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of black pants, and about 12 shirts - half of which I bought at Torrid that are now too big but I continue to wear. I shop at Old Navy and I'll buy a pair of jeans and two shirts when things get loose. I don't want to put so much money out there. It gets expensive!

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I have been shopping a lot more recently because I am trying to slowly restock my dress pants and work clothes for when school starts back up. I have so many clothes though....and I try to purge out my closet every couple months or so.

I think I am going to try a new strategy...haha. I really should get rid of a similar piece of clothing I already own when I buy something new. That's a lot easier said than done though
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Originally Posted by princesspuffypants View Post
meg - im taking all my memory shirts (mostly concerts for me) and making a quilt. im quite excited about it
What a great idea!!!
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I did this with my small bedroom closet this weekend. I still have a big closet to go. I found some stuff that was so old and so funny that I sent pictures of it to my sisters! One was a purple crushed velvet top that was so shiny and baggy that it was hilarious. I think I may have worn that once, years ago. I found a stretch velvet black skirt that I have never worn. I also found a beloved green sweater with a horse on it that my aunt knitted for me when I was around 10 years old, and a diamond ring that I've been looking for for YEARS (it was in an old purse).

I got rid of several tops that finally fit, but like Megwini, I realize they are NOT me and I don't like them. I'm at a stage where I can't go shopping for dream clothes yet, but my old stuff doesn't fit, but I dont' feel THAT much thinner....kind of a clothing no-man's land. I barely have anything to wear to work!
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I started to closet purge, and didn't finish! Soon ...
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I also was relieved to see it was closet purging like clothes not like secret purging.

I'm kind of annoyed at my closet right now. All my pants are too big! My shirts and dresses are fine (yay for boobs not going away), but anything that hugged my waist/butt/thighs is just falling off of me. This is great news, but it also means that when it gets to be fall I'm going to have to go shopping. I love shopping, but I'm on a super-strict budget. I'm just waiting for NY&Co to have a sale so I can go and buy new pants and then I'll just wait until I'm at goal to get really really nice ones.
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I've been doing the same thing on cleaning out my closet. I'm down to less than half my clothes. I've also been taking my pants (jeans, dress pants, etc. ) and selling them on ebay, then as I accummulate a little money in my paypal account I buy clothes in a smaller size. I've sold most of my size 22 and 20 pants and am currently purchasing 14's and 16's. It's a little work, but it's worth it. The shirts I let a friend go through them and the rest went to goodwill.
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Originally Posted by Rosinante View Post
I was so worried about this thread. I thought you were purging in closets. Then when I started reading the post and you were purging in drawers?!? After the inital eww, I got the idea I'd got it wrong!

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be laughing. I know it's terrible that I got you all worried about me. But when I read this thread and made so many of you think I was purging IN my closet, I coudln't stop laughing, for like 5 minutes straight. I guess it never occurred to me that my title could be misinterpreted like that... I really didn't know what else to call it. Fail on my part I guess.

Don't worry everyone, there has been no purging in drawers... OR closets! I wouldn't want to stain my precious clothes!

Jennelle: I know what you mean about clothes hiding your hard work. That's why I got rid of so many. They didn't look bad on me, but they are a bit baggier and so you can't really SEE the progress I've made. And I know if they're a *little* baggy now, very soon they'll be VERY baggy, so I might as well ditch them now! And to Salvation Army they went!

Not that girl: Good luck closet purging!

princesspuffypants: Wow, what a great idea! If I ever get better at sewing maybe I should do that!!!!!!!!!

WormwoodDoll: It DOES get expensive, doesn't it?

stellarosa27: That's my problem too. I can't bring myself to spend money on new clothes until I hit goal, because it seems like a waste of mony to me now. So Salvation Army it is!
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i have separated my closet into things that fit and things that are a littleeee small. the things that fit half has been growing every week, i almost have nothing left on the other side! now i need to start making a things that are too big section, i have a few jackets/pants/shorts that are 10s and are getting too big to wear without looking ridiculous, ill have to sell them on ebay. the good news is, SHOPPING!! fall clothes are my absolute favorite, especially vince sweaters, free people jumpers, and anthropologie dresses. yay for closet purging
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