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Default Anyone done Couch to 5k?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there has done Couch to 5k and could give me their impressions? A friend is trying to convince me we should run a 5k in September and I am a little nervous as I am a pretty terrible runner (like, 30 seconds at a time...) and wonder if i could get could good enough to run a 5k? I am not terribly unfit (i walk around an hour a day) but the running thing makes me a bit nervous. Any thoughts?
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there are a couple threads already...with lost of posts and info.
and yes, the program is great and you should be able to get there by september.
here's also a blog i'd like to recommend - http://chubbyto5K.blogspot.com
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I'm going to start it soon!
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I tried it once and it was pretty easy. I quit because of an knee issue, but would love to do it again.
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I got up to week 3 before I injured myself (was trying to do 1.5 almost 2 sessions in one workout)
but it was truly amazing. I think I was running for 3 minutes by that time (for a smoker - that is very amazing, believe me)
I would say go for it. It is the only way I think us NON runners can ever learn to run. Good Luck, September is a very realistic goal for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am in week 2 of the program. I can already tell the changes it has made in my running. There are hills in my neighborhood that I thought would make the running so much more hard, but I have even overtaken them. At the end of each of the running intervals, I know I could keep going, and two weeks ago, I could never have. Don't move ahead in the program before you should, even if you feel you can. While I don't have first hand experience with it, I have read on both the website and threads here that if you do, you may end up regretting it, hating it, and quitting the program. Good Luck!

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I just started running about 4 weeks ago (but had a week off due to exams etc!) and am planning on running a half marathon in September!! Slightly scary prospect but im determined to do it! I'm not specifically following the C25K thing but I did start by running 2 mins then walking 2 mins for about 40 mins and I'm already able to run 5K with a small 3 or 4 min break in the middle to recover a bit. I love it though!! Good luck, it's totally worth it
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If you have an ipod (and don't mind techno) I'd recommend the podrunner series of podcasts. It's pretty much c25k but they time the whole thing to music so you don't have to keep looking at your watch because it tells you when to change from walking to running.

If you go to the itunes store look up podrunner: intervals their First Day to 5k Program is at the bottom. They also have a 8k and a 10k series once you complete the 5k.

I'm going to restart it once I get back from Cali on the 4th. Although I'm going to do it on the treadmill for a few weeks and then restart on the street.

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Talking podrunner

thanks for the podrunner advice, I went and listened to it, it is not my cup of tea music wise, but I am going to try it because looking at my watch all the time makes the workout harder than it needs to be!
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I was noticing on one of the other C25K threads that there is a C25K application on itunes for 3 bucks that lets you add in your own music...If you don't like weird euro-techno.
I have done w1d2 and it is already getting easier! I think this will be good :-) thanks for all the advice everyone!
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CatRocks- I'm from Glasgow too, I moved to the U.S six years ago. I'd kill for a fish supper

To the O.P:

I never followed an actual c25k program however, I when I started running again I was lucky if I could run half a mile at a 4.5 pace- sad but, true! Now a year and a half later I'm running 7.5 miles four or five days per week and I'm running the VA Beach Rock and Roll half marathon at the start of Sept. I highly recommend running! I never thought I'd be able to run 7.5 miles again- not in my wildest dreams. Anything is possible, just gotta have determination, a good sports bra and some good running shoes.

Just start doing the walk/run and just keep building your running time up. Use the 5k as motivation to get out there running daily!

Sign up and get out there! It's wonderful cardio and is a real stress buster, at least for me.

Best of luck to you!

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