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Default Weekend accountability!

Coming from a seasoned veteran of knowing exactly what I have to do to lose weight and doing the complete opposite on the weekend.... LET'S HOLD OURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE LADIES!

Regardless of how good we are throughout the week, it's funny how one weekend seems to be able to destroy that and have us starting from the beginning. I pledge right here and now that I will not let that happen this weekend!

What's my plan?
- exercise at the gym today and Sunday. Saturday will be spent working outside with landscaping and gardening.
- record everything in my food journal and stick to the plan with little deviation (my wedding shower is on Sunday so that'll be key as I look at all the treats that will be there)
- have fun.

What's your plan???
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My plan/goals for this weekend:
1. Only two Diet Cokes the entire weekend.
2. Staying below 1501 calories
3. Hiking around the lake (4.7 miles), twice
4. Yoga and stationary bike!

If it's raining tomorrow I'll only be able to go to the lake once this weekend, but that's OK.
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I don't really have any plans this weekend but I am going down to the farmers market to pick up some more veggies! I also want to try out yoga, I got this dvd so we'll see how that goes. Last time I did it I felt like I was going to pass out, I was in a class too.

Yoga is harder than it looks!
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Great Idea! I'm going to be pretty much alone this weekend, and that's a formula for disaster.

My plan:

-Go to the gym at least twice this weekend - whether its tonight, Saturday or Sunday.
-Stay within my points and try not to use my FlexPoints
-Don't eat out!
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Great idea!

(PS-Preppingbride, I LOVE your boxer!!! I have one too!)

My plan:
Eat 1300 calories
Burn 1200 calories (200 treadmill morning, 800 elliptical after work, 200 treadmill before bed.)

Eat 1300 calories
Burn 2000 calories (500 elliptical morning, 50 stationary bike, 750 spinning class, 400 treadmill at night.)

Eat 1300 calories
Burn 1700 calories (1000 elliptical morning, 300 swimming morning, 400 treadmill evening.)
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So close!
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This weekend is especially important for me, as it will be filled with one huge three-day long end of the schoolyear party with tons of homemade food....

I did a lot of extra working out today, and I am about to go running. Tomorrow, I'll do yoga, and I will try to find time to run as well. Sunday, we'll see. I don't want to plan anything, because I know things will come up and I won't be able to stick to a normal routine, so I'm remaining flexible. I want to run at least 120 minutes over the weekend in total. Also, try to limit my junk food intake. I will try one of something, but not TEN!
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I know... weekends are SO hard...
Tonight - I'll go out to eat with my husband - we're going to eat at a local Mexican restaurant and I never know what I should get that will be "low-cal."
I plan to do a work out video when I get home after work.
Saturday is housework and I shouldnt have to worry about going out to eat... I do much better if I eat at home all day.
Sunday - well... I'll be going out for lunch with the family for Mother's Day.
I just find it SO difficult on weekends.
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Great idea! Somehow I always end up losing my focus over the weekend....

The plan this time :
1) NO EATING OUT! (oh, this will be hard... I can already hear the Thai restaurant calling to me)
2) Follow Jillian's "Winning by Losing" circuit training plan in the morning
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Yea, so I already screwed up. I was complaining how I have to do work all this weekend, so on his way home from work one of my roommates stopped and got me a chicken mcnugget happy meal with an iced coffee. He was trying to be nice, so I couldn't turn him down. Used some of my FlexPoints, but I also worked out for an hour tonight.
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Are we there yet????
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Yep. Can't do it this weekend. Not even gonna try. Brisket tomorrow and DH is preparing turkey and trimmings on sunday for Mother's day.

I'll see y'all on Monday
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Went to the gym this morning! I only worked until abut 1 am, so I got up at 8:30 and headed on over, did some weights and spinning. I'm going to go shopping this afternoon for the birthday party I just realized I had tonight. My ex bf is going to be there, and while I don't care if I impress him or not (I was the pretty part of that relationship) I have to work on my willpower to not do something stupid.
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Weekends are my biggest problem. With it being Mother's Day this weekend, we are also going out twice. I think that for next weekend I will try and make an effort to make plans so that I will have some sort of schedule. Schedules and being busy really help me with my weight loss.
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Oooh, I think I *especially* need this thread to get through this weekend, heh. I have a paper due Monday which I have yet to start (ughh--but I swear I'm going to start once I get off 3FC, hehe), and the stress about that is beginning to mount and make me feel nice and bingey. Red alert!!! So, some goals:

1. Start the paper as soon as I get off 3FC and do at least the bulk of the work for it TODAY--and finish it by a decent time tomorrow.
2. Hopefully have time to do the REST of my homework that is due on Monday, heh.
3. **NOT BINGE** due to stress about this d*mn paper (or, y'know, for any other reason--but this paper is the main thing looming over me right now!).
3a. **NOT BINGE** on the cookies/F1 chewy bars that my mom sent me the other day. The F1 bars are not vegan, so I can't eat them, and I want to make those cookies last! They are too delicious to be wasted on a binge.
4. Maybe go out and have some fun tonight, if I manage to make enough progress on my paper. And not feel guilty about having fun! But also, if booze is involved, NOT make poor eating decision because of impaired judgment.

Hmm, those are some pretty hefty goals, but I think I can do it. I'll check in later tonight... Good luck to all of you with getting through this weekend!!

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ugh. my mom totally sabotaged me. i went home for mothers day, on saturday, and for dinner was crab dip, chicken salad, and potato salad. seriously? not one thing without mayonnaise? so i pigged out on the crab dip (no crackers, but doubt that helped) because hey its crab dip! when will i ever have this again. but oh well. think i ate my day's worth of calories in one visit. but *silver lining alert* there is always tomorrow to get back on track. Resist the crab dip!
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Weekends are the worst! Especially holiday weekends. My sister is cooking brunch for our mom tomorrow and is making baked french toast, crab salad, quiche, etc. And for me? She's scrambling some egg whites. How depressing! Honestly though, how happy will that french toast make me when I come home and get down on myself for slipping up? I hesitate to say this, but I think it feels better to make good decisions and know that I am in total control of my life instead of enjoying 5 minutes of an unhealthy (albeit delicious!) meal. That french toast will still be there waiting for me when I'm finally at my goal weight and have a little more wiggle room. Let's just hope I can stick with this philosophy tomorrow!
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