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Ugh. So I went out last night for my friend's birthday - Baltimore is about a 40 minute drive for me, and I was going alone, so I just drank unsweetened iced tea/lemonade all night. I had one beer, only because I was getting ridiculously sad about Mother's Day and I had to prevent myself from hurting my ex boyfriend. I would have LOVED to have gotten absolutely smashed, but I drove, and I refuse to drive intoxicated. Plus I'm not a fan of drowning sorrows in alcohol.

I got up early and went to see the butterflies, but I'm home now, on the computer uploading pictures to prevent myself from scarfing down the entire box of chocolate cereal I bought yesterday. I'm just so sad, and usually I'd eat to make myself feel better, but I'm trying to resist...I made a deal with myself that I can have lunch AFTER I finish my putting the pictures on my website, but then I am going to clean - I won't eat while I'm cleaning, so this house may be spotless by 7pm...

I hope all you ladies are having a wonderful Mother's Day!
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Some updates!!:
Originally Posted by Star2Be View Post
1. Start the paper as soon as I get off 3FC and do at least the bulk of the work for it TODAY--and finish it by a decent time tomorrow.
Check! I actually *did* start the paper as soon as I finished making my rounds on 3FC yesterday, and I officially finished it about an hour ago... WOOHOO!
Originally Posted by Star2Be View Post
2. Hopefully have time to do the REST of my homework that is due on Monday, heh.
Well, I haven't started my other homework yet, but it's mostly just reading, and I should have plenty of time to get it done over the course of the rest of the day/tomorrow morning before I go to class.
Originally Posted by Star2Be View Post
3. **NOT BINGE** due to stress about this d*mn paper (or, y'know, for any other reason--but this paper is the main thing looming over me right now!).
3a. **NOT BINGE** on the cookies/F1 chewy bars that my mom sent me the other day. The F1 bars are not vegan, so I can't eat them, and I want to make those cookies last! They are too delicious to be wasted on a binge.
Check and check!! I cannot believe that I managed to get through this stressful weekend without binging... Plus I am giving away that box of Fiber One bars to one of my friends who loves them, and I plan on reeeeeally savoring one of the cookies as a special treat tonight to "reward" myself for finishing the paper early and not binging. Yea!
Originally Posted by Star2Be View Post
4. Maybe go out and have some fun tonight, if I manage to make enough progress on my paper. And not feel guilty about having fun! But also, if booze is involved, NOT make poor eating decision because of impaired judgment.
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!!) I decided to do the responsible thing and work on my paper instead of going out last night... It really was the wiser thing to do--I probably wouldn't have had much fun if I tried to go out while knowing that I hadn't finished the paper yet, and all that stress + alcohol would practically be inviting a binge! So, I'm glad I didn't go out, though I'm starting to get some serious cabin fever!

This thread is such a great idea... I love 3FC for keeping me accountable!
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Yesterday: Fail. Almost epic. Every single thing I ate was 'healthy' and 'nutritious', but I ate too much of it. As for beverages, I stuck with water and tea until the evening, when I downed two Diet Cokes.

Today is going a lot better. As for and bike. I haven't been able to make it to the lake. I'm about to go to the pool, though, so that's a plus.
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Yeah... I didnt do so well this weekend... Went out to eat Friday night, but didnt over-do it... I did really well Saturday and worked my tail off from 9am - 8pm on house work... Sunday was the bad day... ate out at lunch, but I dont think I did too bad... so hard to tell... ordered Chinese for supper AND to top it off had Andy's Custard last night! I have been taking Phentermine and I forgot to take it yesterday... I remembered around 3pm... and I didnt want to take it that late in the day. I was hungrier than usual and my will-power was 0%... I'm really worried about when I dont have those anymore... I have about a month and a half left on them. I will have to work EXTRA hard then.
Anyway, as for yesterday... I just kept telling myself I'll sweat it out in hot yoga this week... I plan to go 3 times this week.
Good news is I didnt gain anything, I was sure I would have. Just stayed the same, which is better than gaining I guess.
Mondays I usually regain my focus! I will stay on track this week!
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Glad so many people found this thread useful as a kick in the butt!

Update: did pretty friggin good all weekend. SUPER busy!!! (which is unfortunately why I couldn't keep checking in.) I had way too much vodka/soda's on Saturday... but at least it wasn't beer or any calorie heavy cooler. And food was all good! I even went out on Friday night and worked out at 8pm. that's never happened. lol

So it looks like this would be a good idea for next weekend too! See all of you in a week! (and of course every day until then too.)
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