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Default Weight or progress?

So I'm wondeing how you ladies feel about this.

I've worked hard exercise wise training for my first 10K that is in 2 weeks. Working towards this goal is has been more satisfying then loosing weight. Being able to run 5 miles straight is one of the best feelings possible, even more then loosing weight.

I think that it's because running is entirely internal, I'm doing it for me - to meet challenges and over come them.

What feel better to you? Your internal goals, or the external number/outcome?
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I think it's a little of both. I love seeing the numbers drop, but if they don't budge, I know there's other changes. I know my physical endurance has improved. I could never walk without complaining or absolutely hating it. Now I enjoy taking a 4 mile walk. I can actually do sit-ups. My clothes are loose. I am down another pant size. Those are just as satisfying.
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Good luck on your 10k! I just signed up for my first one and its in july.. and i signed up for a half marathon that I'll run in October.

I signed up for it after I met my goal. A few weeks into my training I started to gain a couple pounds and it got really irritating because I didn't feel like I was gaining anything.. for the first time in a looong lonnnnng time I'm seeing muscle definition in my legs and I run 7 miles for fun. I love it.. I haven't weighed myself in almost 2 weeks.

So, as long as I know Im eating good and keeping up with my runs, stretches and strength training.. I feel a LOT better than I did when I was calorie counting and being obsessed with staying at my goal weight.
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I'd say a little of both. Seeing the scale drop is motivating for me to watch what goes IN my body, but I think the other things are what motivate me to continue with my exercise. I don't love running, but I am up to 2 miles with C25K because I had to prove to myself I can do it. And I intend to KEEP doing it. Being able to keep up with classes at the gym makes me want to try more classes. Pants are fitting better. Feeling better about myself. That's what keeps me MOVING.
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If I'm achieving my internal goals, I know I'll get the external results I want. Might not be as fast as I want, but I'm building the habits and lifestyle I need.

If I've achieved some external results, but I'm not achieving my internal goals, it's all going to fall apart sooner or later.

Not that I'm immune to loving or hating my scale on any given day, at least for a few minutes
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I definitely value the internal goals a lot, but if accomplishing the internal goals doesn't help with the external goals too, I get grumpy. I want to be able to run three miles in thirty minutes - that is my goal and if I accomplish it I will be ecstatic. But if I accomplish it without losing a single pound or beginning to appear thinner, I'll be frustrated. I just want to get to the point where my body is "normal" and I'm the same size as other people.
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