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Default Fiber

I've been reading up on the importance of fiber - very interesting! Here's a little tid bit:

"Why do people say that fiber is good for weight loss?
A fiber-rich diet contributes to effective weight management for a number of reasons. These include:
Many fiber-rich foods are also low in calories.
Fiber is good at binding to water, which tends to provide a greater sense of fullness in the stomach and great sense of feeling satisfied after eating.
High-fiber foods usually require a person to chew more, which slows down the rate of eating. When you eat slower, biological signals from the stomach have a chance to tell your brain that you’re content (this takes about 15 to 20 minutes to happen).The body does not absorb fiber, so fiber is essentially calorie-free."


A humorous more readable tid bit:

"Your diet should include about 20 - 30 grams of fiber per day to keep it operating in tip-top shape. Adequate fiber will also assist you in winning the Weight Loss Battle as well as fighting off certain diseases such as colon cancer and diverticulitis.How?

Think of fiber as a sponge. The more fiber you eat, the bigger your sponge will be. Nothing sucks up water better than a sponge, and that's basically the effect that fiber has on your body. After all, our bodies consist mostly of water. When the fiber hits your tummy and begins its absorption act, it creates a feeling of fullness. It's one of your best defenses when battling hunger.

And when the sponge moves, it wipes away impurities that can otherwise be trapped into the body for lengths of time, creating toxic buildups.

Fiber also keeps potty-time, fun time. There's nothing quite as miserable as constipation, unless you count a mosquito bite in the groin."


Eat your fiber and drink your water!

List of some fiber counts in foods:

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