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Yep, I agree. I would get depressed too! I shop sales racks. I still have a ways to go but I buy reasonably priced clothing for now. I don't want to look frumpy anymore! Too many years wasted already! KWIM?
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I had the same issue last time I lost weight. The number one thing that helped me was to shop at Goodwill. We have 3 in the area so I would raid them all. It takes time to find good things, but its worth it. What's the point of buying clothes that don't fit because you don't have clothes that fit right?
I can usually pick up 5-6 things for about 15 dollars.

Another great idea is to buy pants with drawstrings and shirts that can be belted. You can create great silhouttes with these "multi-size" clothes. Should you wear a xxl shirt when you're a medium? No, but this can help when you go down one size or so.

It can be cheaper to get your favorite things tailored than buy new ones. Most places will charge good prices and you get to still wear your fav. clothes only now they are a custom fit to you!

I hope this helps. If all else fails just keep thinking that, even if you look frumpy now, it'll be that much more impressive when you reveal your new, fit self!
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Buy jeans that have a stretch to them. I've been able to wear the same pants through my weight loss because they stretch! They were a bit tight on me earlier, but now they're just a bit loose. But they still look decent! Angel's brand has good ones for around 20 bucks.
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In my experience, I feel better about myself if I'm dressed nicely. I mostly wear casual clothes but I try not to look frumpy in them. When I wear frumpy clothes I am more likely to feel fat, eat unhealthily, and get fatter! lol
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Thanks for the responses everyone!

I think the big problem for me is I have conditioned myself to dress poorly. I never wear makeup, jewelry, and I've only recently gotten into this idea of layering. When I was depressed, I wanted to wear something that was comfortable on top and bottom and I didn't care how I looked, so that meant sweatpants and t-shirts. These days I wear those baggy dresses (sack dresses) and leggings. Again, totally about comfort.

I've shopped exclusively at thrift stores and clearance racks for 4 years now too. Yeah you can find great things--I just tended to buy them in smaller sizes so I'd have incentive to lose weight. Guess what: still haven't worn them! Clothes in Korea are a) expensive and b) small. If I buy clothes here, it will cost me and the selection for my size will be really limited. Also customer service is insane. Salespeople will follow you around the store the whole time you're there. I'm too size insecure to handle that well.

I brought with me an entire suitcase of clothes too small hoping that not eating an American diet will help me lose weight. Well, after three months, I'm just now starting to drop lbs and inches. Yesterday I sorted everything from what's the closest to fitting and what's the furthest. There are a few things that are really close to fitting (as in I can get them on, they're just too tight for me to want to go out in public).

I've also been online "window shopping" in an attempt to get some style back. Right now I can't accessorize myself out of a paper bag. I think making an attempt to find stylish clothes I like and ways to wear them with accessories, jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup will make me feel a lot better. But mentally, I still can't bring myself to buy that stuff now... my brain needs a makeover. Maybe I should go on What Not To Wear!
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