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Default I need some tips...desperately!

Hey everyone, I'm new here (posted in "Introductions" already) and I need tips. Desperately. Here's my long story:

A bit ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I'm fighting that because I believe it's either incorrect or half-arsed in that conclusion but I was told getting my weight down would help some things things a bit. I agree to that. Then, due to my constantly being on prednisone, I was told I should start working out because I'm "high risk" for early osteoporosis. Great. Here comes the problems, though...

Currently, I work full-time (8:30-4:30) and go to school full-time (this semester is M-Th classes, 6pm-9pm, next semester shouldn't be much different, aside from adding Saturday morning classes). Eating a good breakfast and lunch aren't a challenge for me but dinner and working out? Big challenge. As far as dinner goes, I usually end up having a large coffee and a croissant because it's quick and I can't eat in class. Working out regularly...I have no idea how to get by on that. It doesn't help that, living in NYC and working so far from home that my commutes to work, school and home each take about or over an hour. It seems like wasted time.

So, after that long-winded story, to anyone who had the patience to read all of that...any tips on what I can do to improve either or both issues?
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I work full time and just finished earning my masters degree full time in school as well. Living in the land of pasta and pizza is my downfall, but here are a few things that helped me:
1. During your breaks at work, walk, even if its just for five minutes. Bob Greene said once on Oprah, your workouts don't have to be 1 hour DEDICATED time, you can space it out throughout the day. Spending most of my time at a desk really makes the day drag on. Instead of calling, get up and walk to see a coworker. It's all about moving more.
2. I got in more workout time by eating at my desk for lunch and then using my lunch break to go to the gym. My job allows me to do this, if your does this is a great timesaver. Even going outside and walking around during this time if you're not near a gym is great.
3. On Monday, pack a box of healthy snacks to have at work so you aren't tempted by the junk. This was a BIG one for me, b/c I work with kids and there's always some treat around.
4. Does your instructor allow you to eat in class? If so pack a dinner as well as a lunch! I did this two nights out of the week. We got a little break during class, so I would eat an apple or orange during class, then at the break eat whatever I brought for dinner, usually leftovers or a sandwich. then nuts or veggies for a snack later on during the class.
There are so many demands on our time, it is essential that you take care of yourself. If you don't, you're probably going to get sick or too tired to keep up with that demanding schedule.
Good luck with continuing both! I know it's hard, but it's totally worth it!!!
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a couple solutions:

#1- eek out a brave little workout from 6:30am to 7:15am do it at home or just go running/walking
#2- accept the fact that mon/thurs will be rushed, plan ahead and have a pre-made dinner with you, or a substatinal healthy snack and then have a lite dinner at home.

With metabolic syndromes/insulin resistance, the key is keeping your blood sugars stable (by eating 6 small meals, high in fiber and protein) and keeping the refined carbs to a minimum!
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