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93.6lbs to go!
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Red face Will I Be Able To Keep It Up?

I've told this story once or twice on 3FC already, but I thought I'd remind people.

In 2005, at 186lbs, I got a blood clot in my left leg, and was 6 hours away from death thanks to a misdiagnosis from a half-assed doctor. I was in pain which is indescribable, and was off school for 8 weeks. Once I had recovered, I made a decision that I couldn't let what happened to me happen again. I worked out every day, and ate well. Within 3 months I was down to 153lbs, and I felt amazing. Back then, I still felt quite fat and felt like I had a long way to go, but I look at pictures of me back then and go 'damn! Why couldn't I have stayed this way?'

But then I turned 18. Able to drink, I became a serious party animal and started going out 3 nights a week. Many cocktails + late night munchies + an all-inclusive holiday = a bit of weight gain. I started uni in September of that year having gained and at 164lbs.

Uni was BAD. I suffered from an eating disorder, depression, and a suicide attempt. I was in catered accommodation in first year, and did not keep up my diet. And that's how I got up to 220lbs.

Over this summer, I've done pretty good. I'm still struggling with food, but I'm working out pretty much every day, and I'm feeling good about my progress. I've lost almost 14lbs already, which is great. I'm also feeling real muscle tone in my biceps and thighs, and my stomach seems flatter.

But I'm moving back to uni on Friday. And I remember my normal life at uni - going out several nights a week, dining out with friends, and being too busy to work out - and I'm terrified, actually TERRIFIED, that I'm going to gain my weight back - and more.

I've got used to my routine at home of working out every day, and I'm so pleased with what I've achieved, and tbh, I would do anything to continue it and keep losing weight.

Can anyone give me any advice about how to keep going with this once I'm back to uni, and not fall foul of cocktails, nachos and lazy days?
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I'm a khaleesi!!
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My only valueable piece of advice is to develop a support system of friends that are like minded. If you have a friend that is constantly urging you to eat out and drink its time to re-evaluate that friendship, or set that friend straight.

ahhh, to be young and in college again...
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I gained a lot when I went to school as well. Now that I'm living in an apartment (and in grad school) I have a lot more control over what I eat and that is helping.

One of the things that helped me from gaining TOO much in college was to be active in sports teams. Not official school ones, but intramurals (not sure what they might call them by you, club sports?) and random sports games we'd play, like kickball at my church.

Another idea is if you have a friend at school who is interested in exercising you could buddy up and workout together. You don't have to tell them you're on a diet, just someone that can help you get to the gym or out for a walk. Not only will they help motivate you, but you will also be responsible for them working out as well, and at least for me I tend to take care of my responsibilities for others more than I can motivate myself to do the same.

When you go out with friends, just try your absolute hardest not to overdo it. I know this is totally hard, especially if you've had an eating disorder. If there is someone you trust enough to share you struggle with, they could help out a lot. If not, remember you have us here at 3FC and you're not alone!

Perhaps doing things in moderation when you go out with friends in the evenings will help set a pattern of behavior you can use in the future?

Aside from that, if you're eating in the school cafeteria, carefully chosen salads can be a great friend.

Good luck to you! I am sure this time around you can stick with the healthier lifestyle and keep losing the weight and feeling fabulous!
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or make it clear to your friends you are serious about weight loss?....
stay strong, they might even join you....
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This is not a test.
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You have strategies now for not gaining everything back, so you can try to alter those to fit in. I dont know what kind of diet you are on, but if you are calorie counting you can plan for if you go out and save calories for that. And if you join a sports team, your new friends from that are probably more likely to be there for the same reasons as you, have a healthy life style themselves, or support you. Plan your work outs around your classes- I have an excel timetable that i work out at the begining of each week, if i think its going to be super busy i cut down to maybe 4 times a week, if i think its going to be pretty cruisy i'll up it.

Remember how good it feels to make progress and i know you will be able to survive uni
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After Christmas break my junior year, I decided to buckle down and lose some of the weight that I gained in the beginning of college. I found a group of friends who went to the gym everyday around 5pm. It was perfect because our classes were done then, and if I wanted to skip, there was always someone knocking at my door asking if I was ready to go yet. It was the ultimate motivation.
I also ate very well, always started my meals with a salad from the salad bar, and never had bad food in my suite (dorm room). I still drank with my friends but chose better options and NEVER ate at night after, even if they all ordered out. I would usually treat myself to a can of diet soda and possibly some pretzels pre-counted. I got down to the lowest weight I have ever been and I became a runner. I couldn't imagine that me, the chubby kid who never liked exercise, could be a runner! I had those two dimples on my lower back! The kind that you get when you're fit
I kept up the running that whole summer, then went back to the gym over the school year.
I find that it's really just a mind game. If you decide what you want to do, believe in yourself, you will not fail.
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