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Default How do you carry the weight??

I've been overly optimistic lately, been feeling better about myself, have been sticking to plan etc.

anyway the other day I was checking myself out while I was getting into the shower and couldn't help but think I look pretty good naked for someone that is 50 pounds overweight. IMO I don't think I could look much better carrying around 50 extra pounds, I don't have stretch marks, I don't have much celulite my legs are long and shapely. I don't have "bye bye" arms. I'm tall so I avoid the "round" look. My stomach, while pudgy is pretty flat. I carry a good amount of weight in my hips and behind, but I still have a nice shaply toosh. I have DD boobs, which are pretty perky which balance out some of the extra pounds. Really the weight is balanced across my body nicely, I look like a thin person inflated evenly 50 lbs.

This was kind of a new way to think of things for me. Instead of checking myself out and thinking damn I'm 50 lbs over weight I'm such a fatso, I thought I don't think you could be 50 lbs overweight and look much better than I do.

I don't mean for this post to be cocky, I was just wondering how everyone else feels about how their extra weight looks on them. Do you guys feel like I do or think that you carry the extra weight terribly and that other people who are about the same amount overweight look much better than you?
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I have cellulite and stretch marks galore. I don't carry weight in the 'pretty' way, and I hate how I look in the shower. I think it's all just more motivation to lose it all asap (albeit healthily).
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Are we there yet????
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its all in my stomach. I have toned arms and legs but I constantly look like i'm 5 months pregnant. annoying!
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I carry it pretty evenly - I'm a member of club DD as well. I'm pudgy but proportional.

I don't hate my body, but I think it would be nice to have a clearly defined waist again. And frankly, I'd happily trade the twins in for a smaller set. Unfortunately, big boobs run in my family - I think I'm stuck with them.
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Little Miss Random
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mine seems all in my bottom half....
from my bele button down....
handles and inner legs....
i thought at 140 at least i would be happy with most parts of me....
and i guess i am except the above and my bingo wings....
i absolutely LOVE my belly button now!....
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This is not a test.
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i carry it mostly in my stomach and arms. You could just about always see my collar bones even at my heaviest. But everything else was/is huge/large-ish
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Belly, belly belly. I hate it. It's so hard to fit into clothes. I wish I was a normal woman and held it in my bum so pants were made for me!
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I shall be released...
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I do not carry my weight well at all, probably because there's so much of it! The majority is all in my stomach and upper body (apple, I guess?) so I am not curvy or beautiful in any way... Just fat.
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girl toward svelte
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I'm a pear. I'm also 5'10, and close to your weight, and I think I'm okay at this point, but I have saddle-bags galore. Sheeh - been doing serious leg exercises to get rid of those!
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I get so confused. I think I have a huge butt- but I'm not a pear, more an apple with wide shoulders.

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I'm one of the lucky ones who carries my weight pretty evenly. My love handles and upper arms get the worst of it though. I can't wait for my back fat rolls to go away. I'd love for my legs to not uncomfortably rub together but from what I can remember they did that even when I was at my skinniest (117) so I think it must be just part of my build
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I'm evenly distributed fat Not pear, or apple...I don't gain more on my hips or stomach, but everywhere evenly. And stretch marks GALORE though I'm no stranger to that, because even at 150 I had stretch marks on my chest from having colossal boobs (and I'm extremely fair skinned).

Sometimes I'm jealous of the girls that are even larger than me, but have thin legs (LOL). But for the most part, carrying it evenly has helped me appear smaller than I am (and has tricked me into thinking sometimes that I am "not that fat").
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*insert inspiration here*
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I carry almost all of it in my thighs and my butt. My friends say my legs look like drum sticks because the top is so wide, but the knee down is sooooo small. I have the boniest ankles ever. My stomach sticks out, but I have a small waist (for my size) so it looks like I'm pregnant, especially when I'm bloated. And I have a **** of a time buying a bra. It is so hard to find a 36 G. I can only get them online and I probably need a 34 but I'll never find that.

Yick! I hate my arms, so I won't even get into that...
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lost in translation
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My weight goes pretty much everywhere except my abdomen. I've never had above a small C-cup, and my waistline didn't expand too much. My arms, legs and FACE gain all the weight, and my cheeks and jaw get really disproportionately large for gaining for even a small amount of weight...grrr
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I luv my curves
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I totally understand what you mean. I have always been told that I carry my weight well. Even though I want to lose more weight people never seem to think I weigh as much as I really do. I am shapely I do love my curves and I dont want to be thin. I have stretch marks but they arent that bad considering Im a mom...LOL but I would love to see the new me minus about 30-35 more lbs!
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