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Default exercise guilt

so for the past 7 months, i have been working out 6 days a week - 4 days lifting/cardio and 2 days cardio. is it normal that now when i can only fit in 5 days a week or even on the scheduled day off i feel guilty for not working out? i just dont want to gain the weight back.
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It's normal... I do the same thing. I try to make up for it by eating a little stricter on the days I don't workout OR just working out more/ harder on the days I do.

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Default so normal!

I want to say that five days a week is awesome. Go you! I've heard before that how hard you work out can make up for how often, so if you're putting your all into it for the most part, I'm sure that the extra day is going to mean nothing in the long run. And it's also a good idea to rest your body if you want to progress safer/faster with the weights and stamina...

I feel very guilty when I don't work out. Right now I'm moving and haven't done anything for a week... feel awful about it. But next week I'll get back on.
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I don't think you should feel guilty. I agree with IHeartDietCoke, when you know you can't workout on a certain day, just be more strict on your eating.

I made a plan to work an 90 minutes everyday (im trying to avoid a plateau). I did an hour work out this morning before work and was going to do another 30 minutes when I got home. But, now that I'm home I am terribly exhausted and I figure that if I push myself I am going to burn myself out and end up not wanting to go at all tomorrow. I feel guilty, but I think taking a little break here and there is good because working out doesn't feel like such a chore.

Also, on days when I know I won't have time to workout as much as I'd like too, I try walking around more. I take laps around my work through out the day or take a very far parking space at the store and then walk the entire store.
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I feel very very guilty when I miss a workout... I often plan to workout 6 days a week, but more often than not, I wind up working out 5 days. I figure 5 days is pretty good, but if I dip to 4 days in a week, THAT is when the guilt really kicks in.

I try not to skip if I can help it -- I try to make myself do SOMETHING most days, even if it's just for 20 - 30 mins. but even after a 20 - 30 min. workout I sometimes feel guilty for not doing more.
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i feel extremely guitly when i dont work out each day....
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i think thats normal, i feel really guilty on my scheduled days off! And even if i dont feel guilty, i feel restless. its just not right somehow
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I get mad guilty when I don't work out. It's even worse when I don't work out and I like go out to eat or something. When I had pneumonia back in June, I couldn't work out at all (that whole not being able to breathe thing...tres inconvenient) and my mom and my sis were trying to get me to eat. I didn't really have an appetite but I had to eat something. They had to come to my house with my food and they were trying to give me soup and I was reading the nutrition information and I was like, "I can't eat THAT! Look at all those calories!"
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