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Angry I hate shopping!!!!!!!

Today I went shopping, because I have lost 20lbs and my pants are giving me dump butt. So I tried on around 40-50 pairs of pants (serious) at a few different stores (total time 5hrs). And every single flipping pant either gave me dump butt or muffin top. So they are either too tight on top and perfect on my butt and thighs or they are loose on my butt and thighs and perfect on my stomach. arrgggggggggggggh!!!!!!! I am so mad nothing freaken fits, not one stinking pant! I even tried those right fit pants from lane bryant, yeah they are right fit for everyone except me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stinking mad does anybody else have this problem?????????
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It sucks to not feel rewarded after losing weight. I felt this way after I had lost 15 pounds. I thought there would be a huge difference and I would have at least dropped a size, but, no, I just actually fit right in the pants that I had been wearing. It took a big change in my case, about 30 pounds, for me to actually feel great about my weight loss. Don't give up; 20 pounds is a huge accomplishment. Just think how great you are going to feel the next time you have to go down another size. And, yes, I have a belly pooch. I just feel so sexy now compared to how I felt four months ago. I never liked freaking Lane Bryant anyways; a little too expensive while in the midst of transforming the bod. I always hit Wal-Mart for transitional clothing.
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This is not a test.
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yup, i hate being between sizes!! Its really freaking annoying. But its better than being too big for sizes right
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yes i hate shopping for this reason....
but i will rarely try things on in store....
many clothes i bought when i was larger are only just starting to fit me now....
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loving my beautiful self
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That sounds like a frustrating shopping experience. Oh dear, my sympathy goes out to you.. I thought my 2 hr ones were tough.

If you are between sizes, then I guess time will solve the issue

If you really need pants that fit nicely, then my thought would be to see if a tailor can alter them
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I would say buy the size that fits the largest part of you and then get them tailored.

OR, it sounds like you carry your weight in the middle, is that right? Perhaps you could try getting a slimmer fit pant...that would mean that it's the same size in the waist (obviously) and slimmer through the hips and thighs. Straight leg might also work the same way in some stores.

I have the exact opposite problem as you (larger in the hips/thighs....can't get things over my legs and butt) but I know how hard it can be when you feel like nothing fits!! I was also a personal shopper for a while, so if that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to figure out something else

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I also have the opposite problem, if it fits in the butt then it's way too big in the waist and gaps in the back (if I wanted the world to see my undies, I'd wear a thong and super low rise pants ).

I have seen a number of brands that offer a pair of pants in, say, 3 "fits," based on the difference between your waist and hip measurements, in addition to the size number. I think that is the only way for a company to sell clothes that fit various women well.

I haven't seen that kind of sizing/fit offered in tops & shirts, except in the Bravissimo catalog (mostly bras/undies, but some clothes too), which sells tops by a size number, plus a "fit" - Curvy, Very Curvy, Super Curvy (or something like that, I don't have it in front of me), based on the difference between your waist and chest measurements.
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Have you tried Lane Bryant's Right Fit pants? They come in both jeans and work pants, and have three different styles designed to fit different body types. They don't work for everyone, but they do for most people. If you haven't tried it yet, I deeply encourage you to!
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Here I go again
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I have had that problem for sometime too!! I don't want to go shopping for that very reason in between loosing. Today I tried on all my jeans, they are either too big or still too small (kept my pants/jeans from when I was thinner). I am frustrated about it
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I have had the EXACT same problem!! I actually just wrote a blog about it today! I've always had problems finding pants that fit me right because I have short little legs and a thick waist. I used to buy Silver Jeans because you can find them customized with specific waste sizes and lengths in every style, they are a bit expensive though. Good luck with your search.
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I too are an "apple" shape! and find it really difficult to find jeans that fit. If they fit around the waist then they are too big in the legs (which i like to show off as they are the skinniest part of me haha!

I recently brought a pair of transitional jeans that fit awesome on the legs and butt! plus they are a size smaller than i thought i was. However they are a little too tight around the stomach, but as long as i wear a floaty top then as the day goes on they get a little more roomy and fit perfectly!

Because of this very reason, i often wear black skinny pants as opposed to black skinny jeans. i find that the material that pants are made from are a little more forgiving around the stomach area! A bit more stretchy!
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I have the same problem too. So far, I've avoided buying new jeans. I did buy two new pairs of fitted pants in a slightly stretchy material. Also, I am wearing casual dresses (unpacked from storage) more often, even around the house. I plan on continuing to lose weight so hopefully the middle bulge problem will get resolved.
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