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Default The Firm Workout Videos

I recently bought all the Firm workout videos. I'm all ready and pump for it and then I realize that it is really long and I can't believe I can't make it through the video and it sends me to be dis encouraged.. Anyone else tried the Firm workouts and if so did you have that problem and did you overcome them?
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It's 45-60 minutes of pretty intense cardio, so you need to be at least in moderately good shape to get through them. Start with the beginners video and just do that one until it starts to become a little easier, then you can move on to the other tapes. If you need to take a very short breather then do so, but get through the entire thing. DO NOT STOP. You've got to grit your teeth and push yourself beyond your limits. Don't think about it, just do it. You'll notice remarkable improvement in just a week, and you will burn a lot of fat FAST if you stick to the workout plan.
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I have TransFirmation kit and I did have problem at first but I did the modified version and take 5 second break if I had to...but didn't stop and kept moving. Keep up at it and you will get used to it. If it's too difficult at first, you can try the Express one too. (not sure if we are talking about the same ones...)
and I agree with Nish. You will notice improvement in just a week, really. =) Keep at it and you really will see result, too. Mine did prove its worth after 10 workout, like it promised.
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When I first started, I was fairly out of shape, and it definitely took some time before I could make it all the way through one. But take breaks, or walk/jog in place if something is just way too hard for you. If there are modifications for beginners, DO THEM... even if you're not a beginner to exercise, just to that video. It makes it much easier to keep good form while you're learning the steps.

Also, even now that I'm in pretty good shape, I have to do the "beginner" version of some things or use really tiny weights, often because there are just so many tough segments right in a row and I need a break. (I mostly use the Body Sculpting System 2, which is maybe 10 years old now.) So do not feel bad... they're meant to be tough workouts, so that you're always challenging yourself.
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I love the Firm...I also do some other workout videos when I want to change it up a bit. I find that if I haven't done them in a while, the best thing to do is start with little to no weights. Then you can get the hang of it, without the extra weight. The older Firms with the fanny lifter and transfirmer are a little harder, compared to the brand new one with the cardio weights. Just start slow, and eventually it will become easier to do and will be able to get through the videos. Good Luck!
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