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I just need motivation.
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Default why do I want to eat?

Goodness, I'm sure I'm not the only one..but whenever I am home alone all I want to do is eat. I don't know if it's bored eating or what it is. I am just constantly shoving something in my mouth.

I am usually home by myself on Saturday and Sunday..and all I do is eat. I guess I need a hobby or a weekend job...something to get me out of the house and not eating. I have friends..but am always lazy and never want to do anything on the weekends.


it's always carbs too..why can't I munch a carrot? ha.
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I'm sitting here right now facing exactly the same problem. All I want to do is eat when I'm home alone. So far I've had two 100 calorie packs of Sun Chips. I counted it all and put it in my calories, but I still don't feel like I should be doing it. It's so frustrating because I'm not hungry and I would have no problem staying within my calories for the day...it's these damn munchies! I could be stuffed to the brim and still want to munch on something when I'm watching TV and bored or whatever...I have no advice to offer, unfortunately. But you're definitely not alone. It'll be interesting to see what everyone else says.
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For me, carbs (even low glycemic "good" carbs like wheat berries, quinoa, brown rice... and let's not get started on fruit) make me hungry - sometimes very hungry (the less fiber, that is the junkier the carb, the hungrier I get).

It can be a vicious cycle as eating carb-rich foods make me hungry for more carb-rich foods. This is a particularly dangerous cycle when I have fewer cues to stop. Being alone is one of them, because there's no worrying about what others may see.

Now, I don't believe that anyone who can control their eating and weight without doins so, should go "low-cab," especially if the carbs they are eating are from whole grains, vegetables and fruits. And anyone considering very low carb, should talk to their doctor and get bloodwork done first to rule out kidney problems. But even reducing carbs to 200 per day, the amount recommended by my mother's diabetic counselor to her, and also my husband's diabetic counselor to him, and an amount hubby's diabetic counselor told me (insulin resistant, but not diabetic) I could follow. She told me I could reduce mine even further to 100, but that I really shouldn't go under that very often in her opinion. Again though, she knew that I am getting general bloodwork done every quarter, so I'm not saying even this should be done without consulting your doctor.

I would also suggest hobbies that are not easy to do while eating (bicycling or polymer clay probably are better choices than crossword puzzles).

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We go to the fridge and look for Snackies, because we're used to doing it, and we don't have anything better to do.
This is what I do, and it also helped me quit smoking 5 years ago. Take up a hobby like knitting, or crochet. (You will not turn into a blue-haired Granny overnight, it takes 40-50 years) You'll be so busy trying to figure out the pattern, you'll forget to go into the kitchen. And you'll make super presents for your family for little money.
If I'm DESPERATE, I'll brush my teeth, and use a 30-min teeth whitening strip, and then paint my nails while I'm Watching TV. **This does not work with The Biggest Loser***
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I am the same way, for me it's because I looove carbs which is why I suspect my weight loss has been so slow (less then 1lb a week). Ever since I reduced my carb intake (like Atkins but with a twist), I've noticed I'm much less hungry/do not want to randomly pick up food and have more energy. But that's me, it may not work for everyone, I think the key is finding out what you can do (a certain activity, etc.) to get your mind off food while you're bored.
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I have the same problem. Eating has long been my answer to boredom.

If keeping your hands busy doesn't work, try chewing gum. That helps me. Or zero-calorie beverages. Or - if I'm really craving carbs and nothing else will satisfy, I have a FiberOne chocolate oat bar with a BIG glass of water. They're yummy and I always feel full afterwards.

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I just need motivation.
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the thing with me is that i can be really really full and STILL go eat something...I guess I just need to get out of the house or do something..If I'm busy I won't eat. Like I had a friend come over and play guitar hero for 2 hrs earlier. That helped! I didn't have any crazy snacks today because I was busy cleaning.
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Whenever that happens to me, I try and occupy myself. I don't care if it's cleaning or laundry or homework...just something to not think about eating. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I go for a run or some sort of exercise even though I've already worked out that day. 30 more mins or running isn't gonna kill me, ya know? Besides, by the time I get done working out again, I can't fathom why I would want to eat something anyway. That's just me though
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I struggle with my eating when my husband is gone. Part of it is bordem and another part of it is "Oh, he's gone, I cant' do whatever I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and for some reason that equates to eating junk I shouldn't eat.
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Eating out of bordem is definently one way I got fat. Sometimes it's emotional eating (like I'm sad that I'm lonely so I bury my face in a pint of ice cream) others its just because the food is there. I found myself almost doing it yesterday as I was making dinner while my sister was sleeping. If I am eating outside one of my normal meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack) then I really think am I hungry? what have I eaten today? why am I eating this? Then I try and do something else and if I want it after like 30 minutes then I will eat.

Good luck with your munchies!
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I just need motivation.
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I so concur with the "no one's at home, I can do what I want...how about dipping my hand in the hot fudge?...no one will see me!" hahah. That is so sad.
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I use the gum suggestion...it gets my mouth moving, so I feel like I'm eating when I'm really not. My worst time for snacking is when I'm cooking...I'll sneak a taste (or two or three or four) of about anything. Gum helps there, too.
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Yes, I have definitley had time like this...when I felt that the devil on my right shoulder was in control! The angel on the other side knew it was all wrong, but was powerless. However...you know your problem (knowledge = power). You know you snack out of boredom, out of rebellion (I can do it cuz nobody's here and I can sneak it!), out of emotions. Now, you have to come up with a solution. You have to or you will be very unhappy with your results. You are doing so great, by the way! You gotta set up some rules that you can live with. For me, it's calories. I don't go over my calorie limit. That way, it's something that I have established, so there's no rebelling to be done. Why would I rebel against my own rules? Another is that I snack on baby carrots, celery, frozen grapes, laughing cow cheese (35 calories each). That's it. Of course I have my planned meals, but they are all planned in advanced. It might sound tedious, but planning ahead what you will eat for every meal and every snack and every munch is very important to get you focused and in control. Finally, you definitely need to get busy. Maybe you could volunteer by feeding the homeless? Or, holding babies at a hospital. Think of creative things you could do with your spare time. Organize your closets and drawers. Clean your home...you'll feel in control and a sense of accomplishment. I like to crochet...yes it sounds like an old lady thing to do, but who cares, if I end up having a hot body? I also chew gum. I like 5 gum because it lasts longer than I do! I also do my nails...a lot! Put on a facial mask, brush your teeth, put on your favorite videos on youtube and dance around like a maniac. Get some new songs and take a walk. You can also listen to Jillian Michales on KFI. Her show can be found online (do a google search) and listening to her is good for motivation. Try to do yoga. Get in touch with yourself and nurture your soul. I think a lot of our eating is done because we are trying to fill a void...but that void cannot be filled with food. Only you can figure out what you're missing our what is bothering you. I know, that's annoying, but true. All the above is advice I am giving myself. I have issues with binge eating, so I know what it means to be out of control with food and I wish that problem could be wiped off the face of the Earth! Oh, finally....have a treat every day, but make it planned. For me, it's my frozen grapes. I love to eat those at night and I know all day that I"ll get them. After that, I'm done for the night.
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