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My list:

All natural shampoos/body wash
Baby Einstein videos were a blessing and the only way I could take a shower when DH was deployed.
Sling (not a cheap store bought one, buy it from a WAHM online)
Boppy (if breastfeeding)
Rocker (if breastfeeding)

I would NOT buy diapers. I realize why people buy diapers ahead of time and it's a nice thought but, not always the best idea. I know more women who ended up having to give away those diapers than I know of moms who actually got use out of them. Every diaper brand has a different shape. My son never had fat thighs so Huggies, he would pee right down the thigh as their was a very big gap between skin and diaper. After changing about 8 onesies a day, I finally threw them out. Luvs didn't have a very high back (he has a long torso) and he would poop right up and out. Not to mention, quite a few babies have very sensitive skin. He could only wear certain Pampers. I know some babies who could only wear Huggies or Luvs, etc. Buying diapers ahead is a waste.
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I've seen a bouncer mentioned a bunch of times, so I think her "big" shower gift from me might be the one that's listed on her registry (provided no one else has bought it yet!)

I know my sister, who's REALLY close to the mom-to-be, is planning on getting her novelty stuff, and it really makes me mad!! I mean, this girl is so young and all the gifts she gets at the shower are going to be a BIG portion of everything she'll be able to just seems like such a waste when she and the baby have things they NEED.

You ladies are helping me out SO SO MUCH!! Thanks!!
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I would have loved to have been able to use the baby carriers and wraps and what not but my first son was 10 pounds 3 oz and it killed my shoulders. I would suggest diapers, wipes and other toiletry items. I know it's not as much "fun" to shop for those kinds of gifts but that's what's used the most and it does get expensive. Or buy a little gift and a gift card for what she doesn't get at the shower. I really appreciated those as well.
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You can never have enough of diapers, baby wipes, body/hair wash, towels, onesies, spit up towels, at least 2 sheets and mattress pads (in case of accidents), bottle warmer (good for making bottles in advance and can warm up fast and easy), any type of front carrier(good for walks and hands free cleaning), bouncer (good for getting a shower).
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For my OWN personal interest---- what BRANDS of slings/wraps are you guys recommending??

We're going to maybe start trying next year--- figure I should ask now while the thread is active! lol
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My best friend bought an ellaroo wrap ( and absolutely LOVES IT! I think they sell them at Babys R Us and they have online retailers as well.

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Gas Drops
Breast Pads even if she isnt breast feeding she will need them
Bouncy Seat
Teething tablets
Clippers w/magnifying glass is a personal fav. of mine
I always buy the mom a pair of slipper or sweats cause she will need them and its really nice for someone to think of her. Believe me she will appreciate it.
Disposable changing pads are a GREAT invention
First aid kit
Boogie sucker

I really appreciate all the little stuff because the mom to be usually doesnt think of it until its too late.

Kinda didnt like so much
Breast feeding pillow (suggest boppy instead)
The following are because the mom might use one brand and the other will go to waste

Binky (pacifier)

Clothes-she will get plenty of them especially if she is young and invitng friends to the shower
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Good question.

There really is so much stuff out there on the market.

With Bailey, my oldest, I couldnt have lived without a swing. He loved that thing. Dalton, my youngest, on the other hand hated it and it was a waste of money.

I had a crib with both boys and it was a waste. They never slept in it. They used the pack n play thing for naps and slept in the bed with me at night.

A stroller that holds a carrier is a really big help.

I never really used the baby powders. On occassion I used the lotions, but not to extreme. I STILL have lotions, etc and my son is 3!

You can never have too many diapers. I used cloth diapers (not your moms pins and flats with rubber pants. lol) You could check out Diaperswappers or Hyenacart.

Cloth baby wipes were a must for me too. My boy still love them.

Oh and a wetbag is a must too.

A Mei Tai is VERY handy.

A breast pump is too if she plans to breastfeed but doesnt want to do it out in public.

Both of my boys HATED the bouncy seats. They were a waste too. So was the boppy. They just didnt like it. I liked the pregnancy pillows better to hold them when I breastfed.
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Originally Posted by chickybird View Post
Dr. Brown baby bottles--those bottles are great! Wayyyy less spit up.

my son is now 2 , but I LOVED LOVED DR. Brown bottles .. between my 2 sons I think I prob tried every single specialty bottle that promised all those great things like " less air and new design blah blah ... DR. Brown was the only one that lived up to that ... I only had 1 because I was pretty poor at the time of my 2nd being born and the one i had was a shower gift from my MIL ... I really wished I would have gotten a few LOL... it was more pain to wash then regular bottles cuz of the extra pieces but only because at the time I didn't have a dishwasher ... but it was Well Worth it!!! and I didn't use them a whole lot because I nursed at home ... and saved pumped for going out

now that I sound like a infomertial ....

these would be my favirote shower gifts

receiving blankets or like the little flannel ones ( we went through so many blankets and onsies when my son was newborn )
those little gowns they make with the mittens on them you can fold them back when you want baby to discover he has hands ( those things are a life saver and a baby face saver !! )
bibs!!! and burp rag's
all of the baby bath products like the shampoo and lotion and such ...
the diaper genie!!! ( it's real blessing in the warmer months! )
bottle etc drying rack ( my son is 2 and I STILL use mine to this day )

as far as outfits I would say the 3-6 and 6-9 months were the best because they outgrow the newborn stuff so fast and its much easier when they are little to not bother with the buttons and such ... I don't think they look or feel all that comfortable in outfits when they are that tiny ...

Boppy pillow ! I don't know waht I would have done without that .. ( especially if she will be nursing )

humidifier / de-humidifier

baby monitors ( these are so so ... I mean I still couldnt help myself from always going and looking in the room myself anyways ...but still helpful ... some noises you wouldn't hear otherwise ) and also if you don't get "good quality " ones they get to much static and picks ups interference ...

the one thing I really remember from my baby shower was that my SIL had took many pictures for me and filled out my baby book "Shower" section for me and listed all the gifts and who they were from as I opened them ! I was forever greatful !!

I could name 100 more but I dont want to go on forever and ever ..

things not so important :

agreed the wipee warmer ...
toys /rattles
little shoes
baby books ( I wound up with about 4 of these after my shower and I didn't use any of them ) I had already picked my own out ...
( to many to list my mind is in overload lol )

anyways.. I think overall anything is a "good" shower gift ... It's very warming to know all your friends and family are thinking of you and your baby ... and I wound up using things and liking things that I had previously closed my mind off to .... or didn't even know exsisted! ...

I think the Important and unimportant ( to a extent ) varies from parent to parent ) because everyone has different parenting styles and different systems ... there is things that my sil used on a daily basis with her children and could not live without that I think are useless to each their own
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So it turns out my sister is getting her the scratch that idea!!

In the past few days I've worked a LOT and already put the $$ into my savings account that I wanted to for the week. I'll figure I'll take what I made the best shift in the past few days (about $200), just go to Target, and buy a bunch of "baby basics" (it seems like that's what people are saying people forget -- the lotion, shampoo, diaper cream, etc.) and then maybe buy a few smaller things from the registry with the money that's leftover. She's also listed the diapers she wants on her registry, so I might get her a big pack of those, as well.

Maybe I'll try and take some pictures at the shower and post them here for all you lovely moms who have helped me out so much!!
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Random question... [and yes, this is very random indeed]...

You had mentioned earlier that your cousin had a very small registry and it had mostly novelty stuff. Have you thought about either adding to or making a registry for her at a few places? That way you can tell the people that you invite to the shower or who ask if she's registered where she is registered at and HOPEFULLY she won't get a slew of novelty stuff and some more practical stuff she isn't asking for?

You have a HUGE list of great things to add onto it on here.

Just a thought?
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Feral -- that's an interesting idea. I went back and checked out her registry and she added a BUNCH more stuff to it, which I was really happy to see. There's a lot more "need" stuff on there now, though the silly stuff is still there as well. The shower is really only for family (I think she might be having a smaller more friend-oriented a few weeks after), and our family is really really practical, so I'm sure she'll be getting "need" stuff MUCH more from them than "want" stuff.

I also wouldn't want to make a registry for her just because I feel like that's sort of invasive. As much as I want everything to go as smoothly as possible with the baby, it's ultimately theirs. I wouldn't want to create animosity at all with her thinking I know more than she does.....which isn't true AT ALL!!
Hence why I'm asking all the lovely ladies here for suggestions....but thanks for the idea!
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