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doing it right this time
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Default kicking into high gear...

Just when you think that you are doing well, have a nice pace going.... someone gladly reminds you that you're still fat!

I have been working out casually 2-3 times a week, so not much. But still... its better than nothing. And LOTS LOTS LOTS of walking. I am down a small total of 24 pounds since Thanksgiving. I was very proud of myself from getting from 230 or 206.5!

But then my boyfriend decided he was overweight and dropped 30 pounds instantly. BOOOOOO!!!

So at a graduation party the other weekend everyone kept telling him how great he looked.... and kept asking me when our baby was due. Not bad right... IF I WAS ACTUALLY PREGNANT! This is the zillionth time its happened to me (I gain all my weight in my middle) but it makes me hate the world. Boo. Boo. Boo Boo!

Anyway, seeing my boyfriend get so upset with people for being so blatantly rude made me realize I could be doing so much more for myself. For him. FOR US!!!

I immediately went out and bought a diet journal, cleverly called "I WILL LOSE WEIGHT THIS TIME!" I cleaned out my cupboards and fridge again. And amped up my work outs. If I wasnt drenched in sweat from head to toe and gasping for air... then it wasnt good enough.

I shed almost FOUR POUNDS last week!!!! It has me soooo motivated! I carry my journal with me everywhere. Have started talking to ALL my friends and family about it. I am so tired and sweaty and hot and sticky but I have this vengeful fire that is like... I can be a size 8 by christmas and I'm going to show everyone that I am so sexy that they'll bite their tongues and rue the day they ever asked me when my baby was due!!!


QUESTION: Is 10lbs/month 2.5/wk a realistic goal? Or am I overshooting a little?

p.s. Do something great for YOURSELF this week. Get your nails done or get a massage or just lay in the park with a good book (or Cosmo, whichever) But seriously... make yourself smile today
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Changing for the better
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Congratulations! Love the attitude....

Your optimism is great but I do think 2.5lbs a week is a little much to be honest. The average weekly weight loss rate is 1-2lbs so shooting for 1.5 or so is more realistic I think. As long as you give it your all though, you will be good to go!!

Keep going; you are doing a fantastic job so far
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Dont be so hard on yourself, youve done really really well. How about you go to the super market and try and lift 24 bags of sugar!?! Thats how much you have lost!! Its a lot and you should be proud!!
Men generally can lose weight quickly, but as a consolation, the slower the weight comes off the longer it stays off!!
I do think 2.5lbs a week is a little harsh on yourself, why dont you aim for 1 -2 lbs a week which is a healthy and achievable amount ot lose in a week. That way you wont be constantly punishing yourself for not meeting a goal that is too high.
Way to go on the journal, and the loss! Keep going, you can do this!!
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I will do this.
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When my fiancee moved here from England he stop drinking as much (because I really don't except with family) and dropped 3 pant sizes in 6 months. Just because he has stopped drinking guiness.

I totally understand getting into high gear and I did that ten days ago and FEEL great. But it is a pain in the ***. When my dad as bbq's I can't eat ribs so I gotta bring my own chicken. I can't have 5 beers....I gotta have 1. But you can do it!

You have a great outlook on this...but I would aim for 1.5 lbs a week. Even less if you are weight training. I weight train twice a week with a trainer and have lost less pounds because I am adding muscle but I have lost inches.

You have lost 24 pounds that is so wonderful!!! But remember that fast isn't always better...the slower the weight-loss the more likely it is to stay off because you habits have become a life style not just a quick fix.
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I would just look at like any loss is awesome-whether it's 4 lbs. or .25 lbs. -it's still less of you than there was before, and that much closer to goal! Sometimes if we set unrealistic goals, or ones that are harder to reach, we are all that much more disappointed and discouraged when we do hit a road block..and feelings of negativity don't get us very far! I've been doing so very well these past few months and I weigh in tonight, and for some reason, I'm very scared. If I don't see a change or I do go up, I hope that I can deal with it (practicing what I'm preaching....)

Good luck!
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my turbo is on this month....
really want to achieve more than my 8lbs goal last month....
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Thank you for posting your story. I feel like it lit a fire under my butt too. I think you should be very proud of yourself for your weight-loss. If you wouldn't have put the effort in it seems very likely that you'd have gained weight instead. At least that's been my experience. I don't know if you'll be able to drop 2.5lbs a week just because of how often the body can fluctuate weight. Your weight will definitely consistently drop if you keep working hard, and you'll also have more endurance and energy. I hope you keep it up!!
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I agree with others. You're doing so well. Don't let your boyfriends weight and mean comments determine your progress. With that being said, there's nothing wrong with kicking it into high gear and pushing yourself to your limits. Just try to get burned out. An average of two pounds a week seems a bit more realistic to me.
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doing it right this time
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Thanks everybody!

Also, LetsWorkItOut, my boyfriend did not say ANYTHING mean to me. He is incredibly supportive of my weightloss efforts. He was mad at everybody else and was being very protective of me, not harsh

My BF and I have been talking about getting engaged. But we both want to be at optimal health before we take that step. We dont ever want to look back at our wedding pictures and wish we could do it over again with a different body. So that is one more thing to add to the "Motivation List"

Drop the pounds, get the ring!!! LoL!!!

I feel so guilty because I havent worked out today. TOM kicks my *** and I hardly get myself off the couch. Boooo!
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