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Angry OT - Air conditioner rant!

So, one of the most exciting things about moving into my apartment was central air conditioning. I'd never lived any place with a wall unit, much less something that could potentially cool the entire house!

And now Boston's having a heat wave, and heat just really doesn't agree with me, so I was thrilled to be able to put on the A/C. So, yesterday, before I went out for a day of shopping, I put on the A/C. And came home 8 hours later to the A/C off, all the windows open, and my house being 85-90 degrees. My rabbit and my roommates' cats look like they want to give up and the place smells because my roommates put food garbage in the trash can and leave it.

When I asked them about the lack of A/C, they told me it was too expensive. I understand that it'll raise the electric bill a bit, but I have no problem coughing up some extra money for it. And, if they turned off some of the lights they leave on, it would probably help, too. So, since the temp had dropped a little outside, and it was a bit more breezy, I opened the windows in my room, took a cold shower, and went to bed early.

Since today was Monday, got up at 5:00AM and shut my windows - it's going to get up to 95 degrees today, and I was going to be gone all day. And what do you know? I shut my windows and wander downstairs, and the A/C is on! And since I'd been told we weren't going to use it, I'd inadvertantly been air conditioning the neighborhood, too. UGH!!

Since the A/C was on when I woke up, I put a post-it on the thermostat, asking them to leave it on because of the heat. I come home early to it off, and note saying that it doesn't work. Of course it doesn't work! They won't leave it on longer than 4 hours, so it doesn't even have time to cool things off.

Just wanted to rant a bit. Nothing's more annoying than being fat, hot, and sweaty.
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That would bug the crap out of me too! Did your room mates grow up with AC? It doesn't sound like it. And your AC will work easier if you just left it on the whole time. When you turn it off for several hours, the
AC uses more energy than it normally would to cool down the house.
I feel your pain. I'm in Houston TX, and the temp is hovering at 95 degrees. And the humidity is about 90%,so it's like walking outside and drinking the air. Muggy as ****!!! I even have a little desk fan in my bedroom to use at night.
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Hrm. Time to have a sit-down the mates. All together. No post-its. Figure out when the A/C will be used, how long. And to let everyone know when they're turning it on/off so others in the house are aware. As with anything else, a little communication will go a long way.

I hope you stay cooler as this gross heat wave continues!
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I don't have the same problem but I also am having air conditioning problems. The entier air conditioner in my building went out on Thursday, they said it would be fixed Friday, I haven't been able to stay there since Friday because it's 90 plus degree and then the manager office has the guts to be rude to me about it like I am at fault for being pissed for not being able to stay at my apartment. Then the nerve of it all they offer us a $50 credit and a bottle of water. WTF a bottle of water?!? Well for the rent I've paid is $200+ for the days we have not been able to stay there.

But to your problem I would talk to your roommates and say we need to come up with some clear guidlines of when we will and will not use the air (aka a starting tempature for when we can use the air), when we use the air we all will agree to keep the windows shut, plus when the weather is this hot if you throw food in the trash you need to take the trash out more often.
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I will do this.
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My fiancee and I are lucky - we don't have air conditioning. We do have a wall unit for it but have yet to use it this summer.

Our building is old and use to be a hotel during the gold rush in colorado so there are some huge vines growing across our window that keep the sun out and we have wood floors which are also cool.

But I agree with the rest of the girls - no more post-its and come up with when and how high to turn the air on and what days who takes out the trash.
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The last time I had roommates, I remember the huge drama that developed over a similar issue. We didn't have AC, but it did involve windows open/closed etc. So one of my roomies grew up in the south and totally knew the window low-down. Open 'em at night when its cooler outside than inside, then shut them and draw the drapes during the day to lock in the cool air. Unfortunately, my other roomy was convinced that opening the windows when it was 95 deg out (and like 80 inside) would cool the house. God it got ugly - doors slamming, etc.

I agree with the others - time for a house meeting. When its hot like that no-one's in their best temper, so open communication can really help! Also, you might mention the trash-can thing too. Don't let it fester, it will only drive you crazy!
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so happy not to have "roommates" anymore. Just my fiancee and our dog!
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That's tough, around here to use AC you are looking at a $200+ dollar a month electric bill. We don't use AC but that's because we like only having to pay $30 during the non summer months.
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