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Default Weekly Chat through June 8th

Our other thread got eaten! This is to get us through sunday

Whats everyone doing this weekend?
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Originally Posted by readyfreddy View Post
Whats everyone doing this weekend?
Graduating from college! At 10 AM tomorrow. Wow, I can't believe it's actually happening... Then my roommates are coming home with me, and we have a week of celebration (with a job interview thrown in there - let's hope THAT goes well), and then I can really get back on track with this whole eating well/exercising thing... The scale has been bouncing around for a while now, and I can't wait for everything to settle down again.
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Hosting mom's 50th birthday party tonight!!

Congrats Jessica!
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Congrats Jessica!! That's so exciting! And good luck with the interview

I just started a DailyPlate account...I'm going to be really serious with it for 10 days and see if I like it. At that point, if I don't want to continue, that's fine, but I've never counted calories or anything...and I think my problem with being stuck right now might be that I actually don't eat enough. This way I'll be able to keep track of how much I really need to be eating.

I've heard people say that they don't enter their exercise but now I don't remember why and with the forum crash I can't search....anyone want to remind me?

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Well for one thing, I'm staying on track with my eating! Let's just say that that has been less than stellar lately...

Other than that, I'm looking for a summer job and playing ultimate frisbee tonight with some friends.

Jessica, congrats on graduating--that's awesome!
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i made it thru my first week going to Curves. i have week 2 scheduled already as well. i havent noticed any changes yet my scale is still going between 171 to 168 (i had been down as far as 164 3 weeks before all of this )
still trying to get somewhere with my businesses my Mary Kay is going slow and as much as i make for my etsy shop its going even slower
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Working and trying to get as much excercise in as I can.

*Just Keep Swimming*-Congrats on graduating!!! and good luck at the job interview
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I will do this.
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This week was hard. I did work out 3 times which is good - could have made it one more time but I didn't.

Joining the dailyplate.com has really opened my eyes. When I add up my meals from my plan I see that I am about 400 calories short for the day...which makes me think i am eating too many "low-cal" food and not eating enough wholesome good stuff...and even things that I like within portions.

It has also made me a little depressed and I feel guilty every time I put calories in....even though they were foods I am allowed within my calorie range...I started feeling guilty about eating which is not healthy at all.

That lead to a binge I had yesterday....it was bad. I need to learn that food is not the enemy when it comes to weight-less...it is the key. And I shouldn't feel guilty about eating...I need to feel good.

I have also become really bored with the menu I have. Chicken. Brown rice. Veg. I really need to learn how to cook and take a fun and active interest in the foods I am eating instead of the same darn thing everyday.
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Working out and working. I missed 3/7 days so far, so I told myself if I miss days, I make up for them by adding the minutes on to other days. I missed 3 days which is 300 mins of cardio so I'm gonna break them up throughout June (not all in one day..that would be 5 1/2 hours and while I do like exercise, not THAT much ).

Other then that, trying to stay hydrated. I find myself barely eating cause of this heat wave we suddenly got.
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i have had a **** of a week food wise....
exercise wise has been brilliant, legs r toning....
next week i must try not to nibble....
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Taylor -- I get excited when I'm adding something into DailyPlate (though, today is my first day...). I sort of see it just like when I change my weight on my ticker, it's just something fun. And I have about 10,000 websites that I religiously check/post on, so it gives me another activity!! Definitely check out some new menu items -- getting bored with food is a recipe for disaster.

Scorpio -- we're in a heat wave, too!! Currently it's 93°F outside and REALLY humid, and I'm about to go to work to waitress until midnight....BLECH!! Especially because even when we're working outside (we have a patio) we have to wear LONG-SLEEVED black button-down shirts with long black pants. People always comment to us "Wow!! You guys must be hot!!" And we are!! The owner won't let us wear short-sleeved black t-shirts outside, which I feel is really bad management, especially when it's like this out!

Gracie -- I find that staying on track with eating is the hardest part!! Good job!
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I'm working on my essay this weekend. And trying to stay on plan, I messed up early this morning but thankfully it didn't cause me to gain. I'm happy to end this week 12 pounds down.
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Southern Gal -- good job staying on track!

I'm really really loving DailyPlate!! It just seems so much easier for me to stick to a plan when I'm like "oh no.....can't eat that, don't have enough cals left!"

Maybe I'm becoming a calorie counter....?
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OMG I just got back to my apartment and it is hotter then sin. The air went out Thursday night, I was told on Friday that it should be on in a few hours that the whole buidling was out. I then went to the red wings victory parade and my sisters for the night and got back at 10 pm and guess what ... no air. Of course we have no fans because we live in an air conditioned building. I'm so miserable. And we can't even open the windows because we don't have screens. Grrrr

Otherwise I'm hoping to hit the gym tomorrow. I also got my Wii fit this weekend (my SIL picked it up for me when it first came out and today was the first day I saw her.) I'm excited to try it tomorrow.

On a good note my sister gave me several pieces of summer clothing today because they don't fit her (she is 11 weeks pregnant and already getting big and her breast are huge). When I was trying on shirts she said something about whether I was still going to get surgery to reduce the skin and I grabbed my skin, pulled it away and said yes. She then replied with wow it looks so different and I said something about the skin looking hallow, she said no your going to look so different you so small under it.

Jessica - Congrats that is such a big accomplishment.

Skinny - Have fun!

Arts - I love the daily plate I like that it has so many name brand foods but be cautious of what they say your daily calories should be.

Gracie - Good luck finding a job.

Taylor - I got burnt out on the same thing I've been trying to incorperate a varaity of beans and different veggies into my diet.

Scorpio - Good idea breaking it up thought the month and not killing yourself in the heat wave.

SouthernGal - Good job losing 12 pounds
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Remember -- I think people have said that you should put that you're sedentary in order to get a good # for cals in order to lose weight, right? That's what I did and the number seems reasonable for me. Is that the right thing to do?
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