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Okay so I didn't get out this morning as planned... BUT I will make sure it'll happen tonight.

Silver Plum, you are correct in assuming suicide boxes are not too fun by their name.... lol. It does however give you a great feeling of accomplishment and keeps things interesting. You place four pylons/markers in the form of a box - about 30-40 ft apart and follow something like the plan below:
1. jog around box -- when reaching start, go inside box and do 50 jumping jacks
2. jog backwards around box -- inside box do 20 push-ups
3. criss-cross run around box -- inside box do 20 sit-ups
4. sideways run (?) -- inside box do 20 burpies (push-up - crouch - jump)

Okay so that's done a few times over. If doing with a partner, it turns into more of a race or you can alternate with one being in the box and the other going around the box, then switch. The numbers can all change based on what you can do of course. I haven't done it in so long so I can't remember exactly what the plan is.
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Hurray for running. I'm pursuing Operation Run to Work and trying to do it four times a week. It's about 5 miles and takes around 50 mins (we have showers at work before you feel too sorry for my colleagues!). It's a very good way to start the day. On days when I'm not running the aim is to walk in or back. So far I've run in twice and walked back twice, and it's only Wednesday. Hoping to run in tomoro too, but have blisters :0(

Any tips on how to get ready for a half marathon? The longest race I have done so far is 8 miles.
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Can't wait till 170
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Does anyone run at home without treadmill? Just running at one location? (If that makes sense...)
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Prepping - those suicide boxes don't sound fun! I can imagine I'd get some funny looks from my neighbors but they already think I'm crazy cause I often do lunges, high knees, etc in the park next to my apt.

Lyria - you have me wanting a HRM now... They are a bit pricey so I think I am going to keep my eye out for sales.

I did a 3.6 mile run tonight - I need to do a longer one soon. I am going away for the weekend but hopefully I will be able to get a good run in at some point!
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Silver - Mine was a christmas present so I was a bit spoilt! You could try ebay, my boyfriend picked up a good one from there.

Went for a good run this evening after work - even though it was pitch black and freezing! Just didn't feel like going to the gym, wanted the fresh air in my face lol. Went for 10kms (little over 6 miles) in about 50 minutes.

I think tomorrow will be a gym night so may not have another good run until saturday.
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