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Default Dress size question??

Hey ladies!

I'm wondering if this has ever happened to any of you. I exercise about 175-200 mins a week doing my TBL DVDs, I walk 2-3 miles daily. I eat mostly fruits, veggies, nuts and proteins, little carbs since I have problems digesting wheat. I'm now wearing size 14 jeans/16 pants, I'm down from where I started at size 16/18 jeans, size 20 pants. However, for nearly 5 weeks, the scale has NOT budged. Is this normal? It feels weird because I've lost some inches and everything but the last time I wore a 14, I weighed 210-230. I'm 240 and in size 14 jeans.
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Seems normal to me. I think it's because you said you're losing inches, which means you are losing body fat, but you're gaining muscle I'd assume. Muscle weighs more then fat, but is more compact, thus you can be a heavier weight, but smaller pants size if that makes sense. A friend of mine is average height at 5'4", 140lb, but a size 5 because she has a lot of muscle.
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Totally normal from my experience, and also in reading about others here.

For the last few weeks my scale has only moved 1 pound a week, or not at all. Sometimes my weight even bounced up a few pounds, even though I was still doing everything right.

It seemed like my body and I were fighting over a 5 pound weight range: it was a battle of wills! My body didn't want to let go of the weight and was fighting to hold onto it, and I wasn't going let that happen!

Even though the scale was stubbornly stuck in the same range (up and down the same 5 pounds for three weeks!), I just kept going. I knew that it couldn't last forever, and I wasn't going to let my body trick me into giving up!

During that time, though, I noticed that my clothes were definitely getting a little looser, so I knew I was still on the right track. When I weighed myself today, I was delighted to see that I had blasted past that little yo-yo range, and dropped two more pounds on top of that.

So, just hang in there, keep doing what you are doing, and the scale will eventually start moving in the right direction again.
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