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Thumbs up Smoothie King!

It is way yum yum.

Smoothie King is this cute lil smoothie place (obviously) where the drinks are tailored for certain health plans. Some are for weight loss, others are for weight gain (i.e. bodybuilders, etc). They just opened one by the GameStop where I used to work, so I thought I'd pop in to see what they had to offer. Well, the people were super nice, and I was just so overwhelmed by the selection, so I had the girl surprise me with something from the "Trim Down" menu. She made me a blueberry blast (or something like that) with a little bit of orange juice, and while it sounds kind of odd, it was delicious!! Also, all of the smoothies under the "Trim Down" menu are under 350 calories! Amazing.

I don't know where Smoothie Kings may be, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has tried them and has any favorite smoothie flavors? I definitely plan on going back, but I don't want to make them surprise me every single time I go, haha.

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We have one here too, and it's a bit expensive for me. One of my friends works there though, so I get free samples on occasion LOL. When I actually buy one, I get the angel food cake one. It's yummy!
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We have one near my office, but I don't trust those calorie counts. I just make my own smoothies at home so I know exactly what's in it and how much. The Magic Bullet is PERFECT for this!

If I am out and need a smoothie or something, I always err on the side of caution and assume an extra 100 calories.
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sockmonkey: I think I will try the angel food cake one next time I go! Thanks!! Also suuuuuuper cool that your friend works there. Do they like it? It seems like a real chill place.

jillybean: That is totally awesome. I would def try and make my own smoothies, but I am quite hazardous with any kitchen utensil that is more complicated than a spoon.
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I love, love, love smoothie king!! I like the strawberry xtreme and peach slice plus. they are expensive though. And some are really high in calories and are better for a treat.
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Oh man, so as I've gotten into my 20s my food allergies have gotten out of control.

I lost bananas and strawberries and raspberries and a few other fruits a few years ago.

Smoothies are a big thing I miss.
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I love that place. We have a smoothie place right next to my building on campus and I could get in serious trouble there if I let myself. I usually go for the ones that don't have yogurt in them though (doesn't that actually make them something else?) I love yogurt, but not through a straw.
At home I started making one with a banana, about a tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of skim milk, and 10 ice cubes. The recipe the nutritionist gave me calls for a 1/2 cup of yogurt insted of the ice, but I switched it. They are so yummy, I could probably just have a half dozen of those a day and nothing else and be perfectly happy.
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I love smoothies!!! I make one almost every night at home though. I use the low-cal OJ with frozen berries and spinach. So good! Periodically I'll add it protein powder. Huge drink for <200 cals!!!!

Many smoothie places put in added sugars. The one in my gym adds turbanine (sp?) which is sugars from fruit. I always ask for mine without any squirts of anything. Squirts = evil. Just give me the fruit and juice!
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i love smoothie king but yes its expensive!! but i like the strawberry bannanna one! but im starting to make them at home im actually going to make one now lol

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