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Default Boot Camp = **** on Earth

So, on a whim, I decided to start bootcamp on Wednesday. Its a month long thing, 3 days a week for an hour each.

Lets keep in mind that although I've been planning and talking about working out for the past year, I haven't actually done anything about it. I'm SO out of shape!!!!

So, it was SO hard. I'm scared to go back today! I can barely walk today I'm so sore. And I'm totally the least in shape person there. By far. Ahhhhhhhh. What have I gotten myself into?! The instructor said my body would start to adjust, but.....I don't know if I believe him.

Anyone have any similar stories?? Like tackling a really hard workout, but it was worth it? Help, I need some motivation before I go back for more today at 5!
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Oh VelVeeta!

You are AWESOME!

I will tell you a story. My sister worked for a company that provided a health care discount if you went to bootcamp 2 times a week. So she went. The next day, she could barely walk, and she almost quit, but she went back.

When I saw her 2 months later for her wedding, she basically had muscles like Jillian Michaels from BL, not kidding. Those boot camp programs can REALLY work, and think about a few weeks, those muscles won't hurt as much anymore because they'll be getting constantly stronger!

Come back when you've completed this round so you can get another round of applause from your personal smilie cheering squad!
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Keep Going, Keep Going. I know its cliche but no pain, no gain...i mean loss. hehe
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Congratulations for having the courage to sign up for boot camp in the first place! A lot of us are still in the 'thinking about it mode' & havent made the leap that you've made.

Now that you're there, refuse to entertain any negative thoughts! Currently I am doing the Jillian Michaels workouts and good grief they're tough but I keep telling myself ordinary efforts product ordinary results. I want to be extraordinary! You can too!

You can do this and oh boy is it going to be worth it! Besides..... YOU"RE WORTH IT!

Take care & stay strong!

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How very awesome of you! Did you join this at a gym? Just curious - I've read about these but haven't seen them offered in my area.

One thing that I've noticed about working out regularly is that you eventually come to recognize the next-day tightness as a badge of honor - you feel proud of working out so hard!

I hope you continue. It sounds really cool!
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Thumbs up

I am in love with this rooting carrot so you are going to see that a lot.

Well, I had a similar experience but if you can get back there (crawl?) you will be so glad in as little as three weeks!

go for it, girl, you can do it!!

Keep us updated and motivated. We're rooting for you!!
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kudos for going to a bootcamp that you can leave .
i did a real bootcamp experience in '99(i had signed up for the navy) and i gained weight and alot of it there(i kept getting asked if i was sure i wasnt preggo) i def wouldnt reccommend that kind of bootcamp to anyone lol
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Good on you for trying out boot camp!

I absolutely love it

I joined a 6 week one in July (3 mornings a week, 6am for an hour) and have since started the next program which runs for three months. The amount of difference I have noticed is incredible.

When I first started I couldn't even do one push was so embarrassing I had NO upper body strength lol. I could run! Cardio was fine but I never realise how much I had neglected my arms and shoulders :P

Now I can do 40 push ups on my TOES - was so excited And dips with straight legs...and yesterday I had a compliment on how toned my calves have become from a guy at work.

Definitely keep it up - it's so worth it
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Congrats on even signing up and going the first day. More that I would have done probably. I agree with some of the others.. go back.. you can do it!!
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I had started with the bootcamp at my gym in June & I was SOOO sore after the first one that I didn't even want to go to the next one but I did & I actually felt better after that class than I had before. Keep with it - it really will get better & your recovery will improve.
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I'm just repeating everyone else but keep it up. Eventually you won't be as sore and you will feel yourself becoming stronger and you will love it.
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How do you find a gym that offers that kind of class? Sounds like it's very effective.
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I've been doing a boot camp for the past 4 or 5 months. Mine too is 3 days a week for an hour. The first week I was SO very sore. It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit and it it hurt to lift my arms. But that was only for a few days! It is so worth it! As Lyria said - I was good at cardio but didn't realize how weak my upper body was. I feel soo much better about myself now and have seen so much improvement in my fitness levels!

Definately stick worth it! It will get better
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