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Arrow Monday Planning September 24

(jusj, remember - sorry to thread hijack... im trying to plan now cuz ill be out later today and i have high hopes for this week!)

b- latte with 1 cup nf milk (90) and nf vanilla creamer (30), weight smart oatmeal made with .5 cup nf milk (205)
s- orange (60) and tea
lunch - light activia yog (70), plum (50), apple (80), pirates booty (130)
s- carrots (40) and tea
d- chicken breast (200), peas 2/3 c (70), couscous 1/4 cup (150), 1/2 c marinara sauce (80)

total- 1255

im going to eat this everyday this week.

plus lots of h20 plus excercize EVERY (no ifs ands or buts!) day!
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6am - Boot camp (first of the new session so mostly testing)

7:30am - Breakfast - 2 eggs/1 eggwhite omlette with middle eastern spice seasoning, 1 slice multigrain toast and 2 tablespoons sauted mushrooms

Lunch - 2 apples, handful of grapes with yoplait no-fat yoghurt 200gms

5:45pm - Spin class

Dinner - Grilled Hoki fish fillet with cajun spice and salad (mixed leaves, butter bean, water chestnut, tomato, olive, capiscum, carrot, cucumber)
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I'm just happy to see everyone interested in the tread.

B: Kix and Milk, oj
L: Sandwich (Whole Wheat Bread, Ham, FF Cheese, Mustard), plum, yorgut
S: Goldfish Crackers
D: Leftover thai - Cashew Chicken and White Rice
S: ??? I don't know if I need one bacause the Thai is filling.

Exercies - I'm hoping to get up early and run

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wow, today i woke up LATE and didn't get to fix my lunch, so i'll be having SUBWAY for lunch. i'm sure i'll have whatever the $2 sandwich is on wheat bread.

i'm off 2night so who knows what i'll have for dinner. i actually get to cook!
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B: vitatop bluebran
S: 1 cup jicama
L: tuna creations in tortilla & 100 c. yogurt
S: apple
D: Chicken Pita w/ sundried tomatoes, freshly shredded asiago & basil and spinach
S: If I have the calories, 150 C. skinny cow ice cream cone.

Workout: yoga class, 5K training, swimming
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Am I there yet?
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B: banana and healthy heart oatmeal
L: leftover sauerkraut and johnsonville turkey brat (yum! 120 cals and 6g of fat for one brat!), sf double chocolate jello pudding
S: apple
D: baked chicken, 2 latkes, and salad
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Doing it for my future!!!
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[email protected] hijack


B: Cereal
L: Turkey sandwhich on whole wheat, slice of provolone cheese, teaspoon of mayo, pickles, and handfull of chips (baaaad I know).
S: Banana
D: Broc and Cheese and Grilled chicken breast

Exercise: 1 hour on elliptical and 30 mins. of lower body resistance training
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