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Default The last 20 pounds . . . reality check

I think I am having a severe reality check. I lost the first 20 pounds pretty quickly, and the last 10 pounds went much slower, but I'm thinking the last 20 pounds are going to be even tougher and take even longer to come off. When I first started in April 2007, I thought 50 pounds would come off by the end of October, but I'm needing to give myself a big reality check because I should be lucky if they come off by the end of December. Although I am somewhat frustrated by this realization, I have been reading a lot of posts on here about how slow weight loss can be, and I see that it is normal for weight loss to be SLOW if it is done right (slower for some than others of course). I have already had weeks where I didn't lose any, and then lost a pound or two the next, so I know that the frustrations of those weeks where I don't lose any will usually go away the next week or the week after. I guess lately I have been a little frustrated thinking that losing the last 20 pounds could take 3-5 months longer than I thought it would, but once I sat and really thought about it, and the reality of it hit, it became just another hurdle to get over. I never thought I would 1) lose 30 pounds, or 2) be able to stick to the change in eating and exercise, so I feel like I've come this far, a few extra months won't kill me. I still have my moments where the thought pops into my head "Darnit, just get these last 20 pounds off of me now!" but it isn't enough frustration to make me go off track. I am pretty determined at this point to get to my goal, and I know that it is usually the last 10-20 pounds that is hardest for people to lose, so if I have to keep working hard for longer, well then, bring it on. I've heard people say it's easy and quick to lose weight, but I don't think so if it is done the healthy and safe way.
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Thats a great attitude to have i think, sometimes its so hard not to get impatient, i struggle with that all the time as my weight as been sloooow to come off, i began this journey April 2006, so its taking me a long time, but the difference is its actually staying off this time.
Sometimes I get fustrated and want it all off, when i start getting like that i look at old photos of me when i was bloated and miserable and huge, that helps give me a reality check!! I feel so much better now, and Im sure you do too!! Lets keep on trucking!! Slow and sure wins the race!!
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People looking to lose 50 pounds unite!!

I'm only halfway there. For me, the first 15 came off incredibly easy. The next ten were much more difficult, but I got them off. These last 25 that I want to lose? I fear they will be near impossible! The good news is I am 149 on my time of month, so once it ends I may see 145-147, which will make me feel a little better. I hate teetering right on the 150 line and can't wait until I'm lower.

I'm focusing most on body-sculpting exercises now like pilates and weights, so that I can LOOK slim and fit even if the scale says otherwise. If I do hit 135 (instead of 125) but I have nice abs and can wear a 4 like I did at 115-125 before, then I will settle for that. It's not so much the scale number for me as it is the look.
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It's taken me a year to lose 20, so it has been SUPER slow for me! But, I wouldn't have it any other way, I'm afraid that if I would have lost it faster then I would've gained it all right back and then some (this has happened before). I still have 20 more to lose. I'm hoping this won't take AS long. I lost most of the weight this past semester at school... basically because I had a set schedule and I knew exactly what I was going to eat each day. Now that I'm back on this schedule, I'm hoping I won't struggle as much as I did this summer. So far the 3 pounds that I gained this summer are gone!

NoV: You have a great attitude and there is no doubt in my mind that you will stay on plan and lose those last 20 pounds. Yeah, it might take longer than some people, but you will be happy and healthy and if you have learned as much as I have in this process then you will never see those 20 pounds again for the rest of your life!
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