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Question Motivation- My Biggest Step i am new on here...haven't quite set everything up yet, but I'll get it all up and going... I do, however, want to get my routine up and going first. So, I need your help. Let me explain..without boring you...and if I do, I apologize!
I am 23 (as of Monday..WOOHOO!) I weigh 240lbs and am 5'4. I started working at the gym in February and by April I had dropped from 246 to 216...I was proud of myself and doing great. I, for SOME UNGODKNOWN reason, stopped...(if someone can tell me why..I'd appreciate it!) I want to get back in my routine. I use my work schedule as my excuse....(I work 2nd shift..I get off at 11pm...wait up until the fiance gets off work at 2am...then usually fall asleep at 5ish- crazy i know, but 5am to me to a normal 9-5 person's 9-10pm....((confused yet))...) I want to be able to wake up and walk in the morning then hit the gym, get ready and go to work but I have no motivation. This is where you come in....any ideas or help you can give me on motivation, I'd love it. I had a good streak there for a while...then I just stopped. I loved the compliments I received just from the few pounds I had lost....but it seems nothing is motivating...I am not depressed...but I am so serious about losing weight physically, but mentally I am shot! HELP!

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I have less blubber!
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I have had a bought of trouble lately too..I have lost a chunk of weight, and my stupid mind keeps telling me I don't need to work out or eat right anymore LOL.

What I had to do is re-evaluate WHY I wanted to lose weight in the first place. I just have to refocus on my goal...I want to be thin, I want to be healthy, I want to feel beautiful again. And even though it would be easy to stop right now, it is NOT what I want.

Hope you can find your motivaiton again!

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This might not work for you and it'll sound stupid, but it motivated me.

Search youtube for electric bicycle videos. Most of these people love their power assisted bikes and use them to get around and lose weight. Look up sport utility bicycles to see people carrying lots of camping gear on a a bike trip through two huge continents. Watch bicycle race in new york to see crazy people blasting through traffic on ten speeds.

Play GTA San Andreas and ride the bicycles. I started doing this and it's so realistic it took me back to riding around as a kid except we didn't get to take the great spills or go around robbing stores and shooting things up. It's fun because he builds up and changes appearance by going to the gym. It made me want to do some of this same stuff.

I warned you it was weird. The youtube stuff of course is free and can be done immediately.
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Do you have a 24 hour gym? Why not work out (at home to videos, on a home machine, a 24 hour gym, whatever) while you wait those 3 hours for your hubbie?
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Restarting my journey :)
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There are some really good ideas here. If you don't have a 24 hour gym, maybe you could invest in a piece of home gym equipment, like a stationary bike, a treadmill or a cross trainer, so you could work out while you wait for your fiance, like ValentineNicole suggested. If that is too expensive or you don't have the space, why not try a workout dvd? You have that time spare where, at the moment, you are awake and alert and you can use that to your advantage.

As for finding motivation, I love looking at people's before and after pics on here. I can't WAIT to be posing my own pics on there! I also love reading about other people's success stories, even if the goals they achieve seem small to others, each step mounts up and before you know it you'll be back on track. To help me, I write down all the reasons I want to lose weight, all the things I need to do to lose weight (in great detail), all the things I do now to stop me losing weight and then make a plan to help me change my ways and become the person that is healthy and fit. Collect pictures or people you admire for their fitness, their attitude and willpower and use them as inspiration.

As for finding out why you stopped working towards a helathier you... I can't help you, but I know this is a very long and very tough journey, especially when you have a lot of weight to lose and taking the easy route is, obviously an easy option. That often factors in on why I get off track... that and the fact I enjoy junk food! I ask myself, what will I enjoy more, the 5 minutes while I wolf down a chocolate bar, or finishing the week knowing I've stuck to my plan and gotten one step closer to giving myself a better body?

I hope this has helped! Good Luck!!
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that girl
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Hey Zeta!
I can totally relate to the crazy work schedule! I actually quit my gym bc I work from 7 am to around midnight most days and I could never make it during their hours. BUT, a few years ago I bought a treadmill from Sears on black friday (I always used it, but preferred the gym) and it has been a lifesaver. I get home from work around 12:30am and I run for an hour (I am sure my neighbors upstairs hate me, but... ) And you know what? I have way more energy and pop right up at 6:30 to get ready for the next day, if I can't work out I feel so drained the next day. I like watching my soap while I run, that way I am not looking at the clock and I can keep up with my story!!!!! I know treadmills are a big investment (well for me it was, but I know I have gotten my money's worth, and then some!).

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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by ValentineNicole View Post
Do you have a 24 hour gym? Why not work out (at home to videos, on a home machine, a 24 hour gym, whatever) while you wait those 3 hours for your hubbie?
My gym isn't 24hrs...and can't afford home equipment right yet....but I think I will follow your advice and use weights...and do what I can....what a great idea...thank you!
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You all have given such great advice...I think I may talk to my fiance and we just might be going shopping this weekend.... you all are awesome! I knew I joined this site for a reason....
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