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Default Hello Again

I seem to just jump on and off this crazy train.

I was doing OK for a while when suddenly I just started gaining. I hadn't been exercising as much as usual which usually just makes me maintain, because my eating habits are in check. I guess age is starting to take its effect! I am pretty discouraged just basically because it seems like it's so much harder now. I had put more exercise into my routine and still gained 8 pounds in a month, unprecedented for me. I have an appointment to see the doctor next month to see if there is anything going on hormonally that shouldn't be, but I doubt it. Has anyone else experienced this kind of block when you hit the mid-twenties?

Anyway, hello again, I'm Candice for anyone who doesn't remember me.

New rules this week-

no sweetener in coffee. I had visited a friend who takes sugar and milk, and I like mine black, I don't know why I started on sweetening it.

keep my exercise routine going- my schedule is packed crazy this month- I have a paper due, I have four new clients, and I've been on call for the past three days and will continue to be on call until August 8th or whenever this client delivers her baby. I'm making exercise my last priority. I use the kids for an excuse when I know darn well my jogging stroller works! LOL.

More water!!
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Well, first, welcome back.

I guess it's always a good thing to check with your doctor just to make sure (I did a blood check recently as well just for that reason). Age would really matters if we were speaking of menopause, but the mid-twenties aren't exactly a period when your metabolism drops all of a sudden and causes you to pack on weight quickly, at least not if your lifestyle doesn't undergo drastic changes as well--even if it's true that we're starting to slow down slightly all the same after 30-35, and then later on too, of course.

As for your question--I'm 28, and no, I haven't been experiencing that. I started doing things 'seriously' regarding my weight when I was about 25 1/2, and every time I've been 'mysteriously regaining' in between and before that as well (I had lost weight first around 18-20, though I never reached a goal, nor had any), just looking back on it with an honest eye makes me realize that it was only my fault for having let myself fall off the wagon, if I may say so. To me, age hasn't become a problem yet, the major problem is lifestyle and getting caught up in bad routines. But our bodies are all different in that regard, so probably one person's case isn't very representative.
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