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Default dreams

Ok - so I have never died in my dreams before - and then I dreamt - two nights ago - that I died - it was like I had totally given up the hope of living on. I had this numbness feeling all over and it was freaky. I can't remember exactly the situation now - but I feel like there may have been a war or something - but I wasn't the only one that I think was dieing. But the point is - I have never, in my dreams, gotten close to dieing - I have slowed down so that I can't really run away from things - or bad things - but never "given up on living".

I am no depressed or suicidal - don't worry. But this was a day I have been researching the beginning of time/my script/and working out hard (a new bootcamp) - and I read somewhere that when you dream about death it means a subconscious part of you has changed.

And I have been very unobsessed about food lately - which is kind of unusual for me - usually it is all I can think about - but I feel like I am on track for the first time in a while. I am sure my bad habits will try and resurface - but it feels good not to be obsessive. (of course writing about this makes me think abuot it a bit - but...)

I was just wondering if this has ever happened to you - wierd dreams about death - and something changing in your life.

NOTE: I do not believe in psychics or ghosts but I do think that your subconsious prob has a lot to do with your dreams
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That is a pretty good explaination perhaps it means a new you is coming out.

I think dreams are really fascinating, I have thought of keeping a dream journal but I still havent started it.
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