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1. Get back down to my ticker weight, or at least close to.
2. Work my way back up to working out 6 days a week, which is what I was doing before I went on vacation.
3. Continue advancing through C25k
4. Stay OP eating!
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My goal for May was to be at 180 lbs. Today I am 181, so I am SO close... technically my "month" ends tomorrow, but I doubt I will be 180 by then, but I am still happy with my progress!
For June, I am not sure at what rate I will be losing weight on the same plan, so I am going to say I would like to be between 170-175.
Also, I would like to be more strict about my calorie counting (I have gotten a tiny bit lax recently) and be VERY careful on the weekends & when I go out with my friends.
And then finally my third goal is to try out some classes at the gym I go to. I haven't been brave enough to venture into that area yet, so I want to try it at least once or twice.
Good luck everyone!
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I meet my May fitness goal which was to be able to run 4 miles and I actually ended up running 5 miles! I came really close to my weight loss goal for May which was to be at 135. This morning I was at 135.4. So not too bad.

June goals-
Fitness-I would like to be able to run up to 6 miles

Weight Loss-I think a reasonable goal is to get down to 132. Also, I really want to work on planning out my days and weeks out better. If I know I have something coming up on a weekend then I need to make sure my week is flawless.

Good luck everyone!!
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Hail Purdue!!
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I also didn't reach my goal of 180 for May...I took a 2 week vacation and got totally side-tracked (junk food and no exercise). So to avoid driving myself crazy Ill leave my goal at 180 for June. Back to my Fat Smash Diet and Walk Away the Pounds.
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My goal for June is:

-Lose 5 -7 pounds...and get down into the 140's...
-Get back into my regular exercise routine that I had before I was pregnant
-Get my diet back into control
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My goal is to lose at least 5 pounds. Also, I want to find a decently priced bicycle (since I'm only going to have it for 3 months!) to ride back and forth to my internship every day and hopefully a gym that won't break the bank. So far every gym within a 20 minute walk from my apartment is at least $85/month. Yikes! Plus since I only will be using it over the summer, I don't want to have to pay a $100+ enrollment fee, and most of the student rates for summer leave off peak hours which are the only times I can go due to my internship. Yuck. :P
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You can DOOO IT!
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Get some form of physical activity daily for at least 30 minutes.
Lose 7 - 10 pounds.
Make healthy eating choices.
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My goals for June-
1. Lose 5lbs
2. Be able to jog for 15mins without stopping.
Good luck everybody!!
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