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I read something on Yahoo Health the other day, titled "Foods that fight PMS". Drinking chamomile tea is suppose to help with cramps because it relieves muscle spasms. I haven't tried it yet but I will next month. I have also increased my calcium during my time of the month and it has helped decrease the cramps. If you get a chance, read the article it's very informative.
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Im also one with terrible cramps that are so severe they've sent me to the hospital and I agree Whole-heartedly with Ibuprofen, helps the pain drastically. Im also one to take it easy for the first day or two of my period, I dont like to move around much and always feel lazy and drained, exercising or stretching never helped me, so I tend to lay around, but I do continue to exercise by the 3rd day.
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Sometimes mine are so bad I have to stay home from work! I used to take Midol or Advil and they used to both help, but now I can't take either of those because of some other medication I am on! Yesterday TOM arrived and it was HORRIBLE. I gave in and took Advil but not a whole dose. Today so far is a little better. I'm going to use the heating pad tonight and I brought my walking shoes into work in order to exercise a little bit. Those are two things other people had suggested that I have found to help if you don't want to take any medicine.
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I agree exercise is probably the best, but it's soo hard to get started when you feel that crappy. A few days before I start, I start upping my intake of fluids mainly water and hot tea. I also increase my protien intake. I also try to get an extra 30 min of sleep a night. Heating pads are also great. Last and weirdest. If my cramps get very bad I lay in the floor on my stomach with my knees under me and my but up in the air. Don't laugh until you try it. Some doctors recomend this to women who have a tilted uterus. Which I do have.
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I had a killer AF at the end of Apr/ beginning of May. It was 9 days long!! I thought that I was going to die!!! Midol is my friend!
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Does anyone notice that TOM cramps are worse after weight loss? For me I never used to have bad cravings or cramps at all..maybe just some bloating but in the last three months or so, at TOM, I'm never full (seriously hungry all the time) and have a killer back ache. Anyone else find this?
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