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Default cravings/withdrawls

Hey ladies,
just wondering what you guys do for cravings and withdrawls?? ive had tests like crazy the past few couple of weeks and still have another 2 weeks to go before i'm completely done for the semester. obviously since ive been so busy i havent been eating right and i know when i start to i'm going to have those cravings. any advice?
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drink plenty of water...or i loved to have flavored teas around to make that satisfies my cravings. Also, if you only keep healthy snacks around it may help you not eat too bad. if you are known to binge then i would definitely stick to liquids to satisfy cravings.
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I was craving a really bad ice cream treat a couple of weeks ago. I ended up sitting down, budgetting out the calories, and looking at how many tasty things I could have for the same amount. Then I looked at how much food I could eat for the same amount. I ended up having a yummy cup of fruit yogurt that I put in the freezer first, a cup of canned peaches and a small cookie, and still ended up saving almost 200 calories!

I figure that if I ignore a craving for two days and it doesn't go away, I can indulge, but I have to account for it in my plan, and I usually try to get the smallest size and split it with a friend. Usually, just a small amount will sate my craving.

Good luck with all your stress.
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The longer you can avoid food the less the cravings will be. It can be really hard making though them but just try and stay full on healthy food and if you absolutly must have something then find a healthy version!
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I was having the worst craving for ice cream last night. I was struggling through studying as well, as those infamous last couple weeks of the college semester have started. I was sitting at the computer typing some stuff up and needed ice cream like it was going out of style. I grabbed a cup of water and told myself after a couple glasses if I was still craving it I could have a few bites, and after some time not thinking about it.. and drinking some liquids the craving was practically gone. Sometimes I'll try to have some healthy snacks around to help curb the craving. Good luck with all the studying! You can do it!
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I have read that sometimes the feeling of hunger can be mistaken for actually being thirsty, which is why I think the drinking water works a lot of the time. Also read that cravings last about 15 minutes (it feels sooooooo much longer though!!) so i usually drink the bottle of water and wait a half hour and if I still want it then ill feed my ice cream craving with a skinny cow popsicle. Not sure its the best way to deal with cravings but it works for me.
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