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Looking forward
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Unhappy Confession...

So yesterday was not good as far as eating. I have not been able to bring lunch to work because of time issues with shopping and yesterday I had girl scout cookies and chocolate cake. This whole no going with sweets thing is really hard for me. I'm seriously considering Weight Watchers, although right now I cannot pay for the meeting fees I know people who have done it and am hoping to be able to get tips from them about how to do it. I know I just need to pick up and move on (I seriously think it's because I'm close to my menstral cycle, I crave chocolate like no other during this time) but I do not want to make excuses for myself. I am still in control, I made the choice to eat those things and in the future I will either make the choice not to or to have far less than I did yesterday. Ok, just needed to get that out so it doesn't fester, thanks everyone!
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As long as you don't let it stop you from your goal. We all slip up every now and then. I know around my menstrual time, my appetite increases A LOT and sometimes I give in...but then I remember I can't let it stop me. I am sure you will do fine, just stay determined & good luck!!
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Bikini Dreader
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Don't beat yourself up. Having zero treats would not work for me. I've tried that before and found that if I did give in then it would spur on a binge. That's just me so I adjusted my plan to have treats in moderation keeping my goal in mind. I have no cheat days or anything like that. Just watching my calories in and out. Only you know what works for you, but I hate to see you get down on yourself for having a not-so-perfect day.

Today is a new day!
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Looking forward
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I'm doing pretty ok today, I am going to factor in allotted sweets so that I don't end up binging or feeling guilty. Thanks gals!
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You can't help a sweet tooth, but there are healthier sweet things you can eat to help curb your cravings without doing much damage. Here's some examples:

-A piece of hard candy
-A fudgsicle
-A small serving of sherbert
-granola bar
-fruit, fresh or frozen. I love putting blueberries and grapes into the freezer and eating them frozen.
-Italian ice
-2 low fat oreos (take them out of the container and then put it away out of reach)

hope this helps.
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