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Default What can i improve on?

Ok as I seem to be stuck in a rut here I am hoping that someone can point out where I am going wrong:

Typical work day
(due to boredom at work then add a few choc bars in - but am locking debit card away from now on so what I have to eat from home is all I have to eat - not more chocs)
Drinks - water
6.15 bowl of cereal and milk
11.00 Apple (starving by then)
1.30 ham sandwich
3.30 Apple
7.00 dinner - either home made spag bol, home made lasagna, oven baked fish, pasta and sauce, roast chicken etc. Friday treat a curry.

The biggest struggle for me is the 6.15 breakfast to 1.30 dinner break. I never feel like food at 6.15 and I get hungry from 8 onwards and the apple never helps.

Typical weekend day:

10.00 Bacon, scrambled eggs
7.00 same dinner as week days.

I just dont seem to get hungry on weekends!

Please help!
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