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gracie83 12-26-2007 02:27 PM

What can i improve on?
Ok as I seem to be stuck in a rut here I am hoping that someone can point out where I am going wrong:

Typical work day
(due to boredom at work then add a few choc bars in - but am locking debit card away from now on so what I have to eat from home is all I have to eat - not more chocs)
Drinks - water
6.15 bowl of cereal and milk
11.00 Apple (starving by then)
1.30 ham sandwich
3.30 Apple
7.00 dinner - either home made spag bol, home made lasagna, oven baked fish, pasta and sauce, roast chicken etc. Friday treat a curry.

The biggest struggle for me is the 6.15 breakfast to 1.30 dinner break. I never feel like food at 6.15 and I get hungry from 8 onwards and the apple never helps.

Typical weekend day:

10.00 Bacon, scrambled eggs
7.00 same dinner as week days.

I just dont seem to get hungry on weekends!

Please help!

Casandra 12-26-2007 08:13 PM

I feel exactly the same. If I pack a lunch, due to boredom at work, the whole thing is usually gone before noon!

I think I could really benefit from answers to this thread as well.

I have generally the same intake, though weekends never see me having breakfast, I always sleep through it due to exhaustion during the work week.

SunshineRunner 12-26-2007 10:13 PM

Here is my general meals for the day...see if you can compare:

Breakfast - 8:30am - SlimFast Shake - 5 grams fiber
Snack - 11:30am - Fiber One Granola Bar - 9 grams fiber.
Lunch - 2:00pm - Turkey & Cheese Sandwich on Double Fiber Bread (I think about 5 grams of fiber per slice - so another 10 grams total) (seriously...that bread keeps me full for about 6-8 hours!!!) or Large Salad with grilled chicken, light dressing.
Snack - fruit salad, 100 calorie snack pack, sugar free pudding, crackers w/laughing cow cheese
Dinner - something light...usually not hungry at this hour anymore, so I generally eat a couple light snacks, or another slimfast shake....

The key for me is finding HIGH FIBER foods. Seriously - cereal does not fill me up and neither does an apple. Add some peanut butter to the apple or make it a banana and peanut butter and you might keep me full for 2 hours...other than that...fiber is where it's at for me and I don't have a problem eating healthy if I get my fiber in....

fiberlover 12-26-2007 10:33 PM

I would suggest getting some fat and protein in with your breakfast. I don't know what type of program you follow, but try adding in a veggie sausage patty, and a sprinkling of almonds on your cereal.
Protein and fat will help you stay full longer, especially if the cereal you have has fiber in it.

Mermom 12-26-2007 10:59 PM

I have to eat breakfast very early also because of my work schedule. I am never hungry at that grossly early hour but eat because I should. I am never as hungry on weekends but I have figured out it is because I get more sleep. I don't get enough sleep during the week because I have to get up too early. Not enough sleep equals, for me, a horrendous appetite. It's as if I have to fill the energy gap with food.

I agree that you need to at more to your midmorning snack. An apple is not enough. For my 10:00 snack I have sliced cucumbers or celery (or both) and some fruit and some peanut butter or low fat cal cheese or some nuts. I just started doing this about a month ago and it really does make that time until the afternoon meal much easier to get through without adding more.

You also might consider your portion sixe for pasta serving size. I have a weakness for pasta and sometimes forget just how small a serving should be and how many calories are packed into that serving. I try to eat pasta only on occasion.

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