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Hi Everybody, Ann, sorry your DH is still in he hospital but it's good that they are taking care of him. I have beeen so slack in reading the posts and I don't remember reading where you were going on a trip or when? Hi Karen, seems I didn't see a post from you in awhile. I know what you mean when you say even when Sprout gets into trouble you still love him. It seems I am having to talk "loudly"to Patches so much because she will bite your toes, or the bottom of your pants and those sharp little fangs really hurt or could get caught in the hem of your pants. After I scold her I look at those beauitful black eyes of her's and all is forgiven. She's getting better at going outside to do her business. I will be happy when that part of her training is done with. I didn't sit in my livingroom since I got her. I got caught up with reading Maria's blog, and I thought that was a nice picture of Gloria and Maria. Gloria that was very nice that you and DH put up the Australian flag in honour of Maria and Alan's visit. It's certainly not a very nice day today, in fact it feels really chilly out. Maria, I am working hard in getting this weight off. I must tell the truth, I started as soon as you left my place, so I have a bit of head start. Hi to you all and hope you all enjoy your day.
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