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Hi Everybody: Peggy, sorry about the tumble you took, and hope the ice helped your lip. Bernice, I am so sorry about your loss of Kasha. I know full well how much it hurts to lose a loved pet. Ann are the books by Debbie Macomber, the ones that take place in the Village of Cedar Cove a mystery series? The lumber has been delivered for my new back fence and they will start on it on Monday. I took a couple of pictures of Patches and sent them to you all in an email along with a picture of one of my rosebushs. For the first time I took Patches to the park for her walk. I drove us there[ and then walked her for about 3/4 hour. I took water for her which was good thing as her tongue was hanging out. She sure enjoyed all the new smells and had to sniff every pillar, post, and rock. I spoke with Trudy today and she and her DH are both still sick with their colds. TA DA Maria and girls, I am down 12# now the trick is to keep losing. Darn it's hard when that scale just stays the same day after day. Gloria you must be getting excited....50 years, how absolutely wonderful. I hope all of you are having a nice weekend. bye for now.
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Hi everyone: thanks for the support and letting me vent now and again.
Slavika: The Debbie Macomber books for Cedar Cove have a sort of mystery in each one, and a continueing story about so many families. The mysteries are not blood and guts type,Just nice clean stories, no foul language and most enjoyable.

Now I am reading another one of hers, just started it at the pool today. She also writes about three angels, Shirley , Goodness and Mercy which are just delightful reading.

Peggy- sorry to hear of your tumble, and so glad that nothing is broken. Isn't it terrible what pride can do for us. I too was glad when I fell off my bike, that no one saw me.except my two friends. To see me sprawled out. Hope your lip will be healed properly for the wedding. and I do hope the shoulder and knee won't be a problem.

Got your email, Gloria, and we will see what happens next. Thanks for the help.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Ann
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G'day all,

It is time for a new thread but before I do Slavika 12 lbs that is fantastic

I was down 1.4 lb, not fantastic but at least I was down.

See you on the new thread.....

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