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Working on Weight loss!!!
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Hello All!!!!!

It is good to feel great again!!!!I am worried cuz the morning sickness has stopped, my energy is back up and I feel like running around non stop after being blah for the last 11 weeks!!!!(not complaining!!! )

Legal--Jim Brickman has a new CD...Saw it yesterday and thought of U!!!!!

Tech--Too many allergies in this house also with the real trees!!!I bought the neatest 10 foot skinny tree!!!!!It is beautiful and takes up hardly any room!!!I have just enough room with the beams on the ceiling to put the angel on top!!!

Lauren-It amazes me to see the price of rent!!Our house note for both houses are less than rent over there...

Pryia- U R the early bird this morning!!!I guess BFB is studying!!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!
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